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Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Facts vs. Gut

I know some people want to say that the problem with Sue and me is we just buy whatever those darn city folks say. And here's the deal. We believe data, whether from the state, county or city. We believe facts. We believe the earth is round.
I have so many stories to prove that the great anti-tax folks SO avoid believing what the city says that they don't know what the hell they are talking about.
Here's a juicy one. And it's one of those stories that makes you wonder, as Sue says about Mr. Howrylak, are they really cunning, or just kinda dirt dumb?

One of the lies spread during the library millage was that since the Michigan Library Law requires independent libraries to have their budgets in by September to operate in January, (and our vote was in November-past that budget deadline) if Proposal 1 was passed, our new, independent library would not be able to open until July of 2012! Heavens!
TCU leader after TCU leader stood up and repeated that canard. That was why, they said, we needed to vote NO on Prop 1 and instead back Ed Kempen's petition! And then, after they spoke, they walked out the door, not sticking around to hear the city council members explain endlessly -- "Our fiscal year begins in July, so our budget is not due till May, so if Proposal 1 passes, the independent library can open in July of 2011."
The next week, Janice Daniels and Ed Kempen and Tom Burke would come back to the mike and say the same thing. They were wrong, and either they didn't care because they knew if you tell a lie often enough it is perceived as reality, or they don't listen to government (because government is baaaad) and they just guess.
On election day, a friend of Ed Kempen's handed me his cell phone and lo and behold, I was speaking to Ed Kempen. I asked him if Proposal 1 passed, if he would stop his petition campaign. He responded, "Well, I would like to, but because the library budget wasn't approved in September, I have to keep going because the library can't open till July of 2012."
"But Ed," said I, mere stay-at-home mom, "Troy's fiscal year begins in July. They don't have to complete their budget until spring. The September deadline is for cities that start their fiscal year in January!" 
Ed Kempen has run for city council. Ed Kempen will run for city council this November. Ed Kempen was previously on the Troy Board of Zoning Appeals. He fronted the Kempen Library Initiative and says he plans to try to change our City Charter again this fall. And what did this distinguished man say to me? This leader of Troy?
He said, "Oh, really? I didn't know that. The fiscal year starts in July?'"


  1. (Smacks head on desk, repeatedly) If you cracked their heads open and poured in the facts they still won't get it.

  2. Maybe it was just 'sarcasm'.

  3. Um, no. It wasn't. He didn't know. That's why he said he would pull the petition, since I explained it to him.
    But he's your leader, not mine.

  4. If his comment, "Oh, really? I didn't know that. The fiscal year starts in July?" was sarcasm, then he is a liar.

    If his comment was not sarcasm, then he is ignorant.

    You pick.

  5. Oh come on, someone says something sarcastically and they are labelled a liar?? ... How many sarcastic comments have been posted here?? Are the people who posted those comments (and stated that they were sarcasm) also liars? Wait.. maybe you were being sarcastic?

  6. You're missing the point Anonymous. If he said it sarcastically, because he knew that the fiscal year started in July, then it follows that he was intentionally spreading falsehoods by claiming that the law required that the independent library have it's budget in by September. Either that or he's just plain stupid. Get it?? If you think about it real slowly it's not that hard of a concept.