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Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Ed Kempen was very gracious last night

When he stood up to announce that his petition had been thrown out by a judge, last night, Ed Kempen was very gracious.
I'm trying to be gracious as I remember that if it weren't for those circulating his petition telling everyone to vote NO on Proposal 1 because the petition would give us a library for free, we may still have a library this summer.
So now we have all seen our efforts fail, and are all humbled by those failures, it's time to get together and find a solution.
Perhaps now that Mr. Howrylak is learning that his numbers didn't add up last night, he is willing to consider backing a library millage.
Is there really zero agreement on everything?
I find that we really do have to make our point clear on one thing...
Troy is truly underfunded because our millage is quite low. And the cap imposed in 2008 is slowly smothering us to death.
Here are the numbers. In the numbers is the truth.
From the group TRUST, on Facebook.

Why do we claim that Troy’s problem is not about high expenditures, but rather low revenue?
Key Troy Funding Facts:Troy has the third lowest tax millage rate among cities in Oakland County.
Source: 2009 Oakland County Certified Millage Rates for Comparable Full Service Cities only:·         Orchard Lake 8.4950 (no library)
·         Bloomfield Hills 8.300 (no library)
·         Troy 9.2800 (soon to have no library)
·         Rochester Hills  9.7060 (no trash pickup by city)
·         Novi 10.5416
·         Auburn Hills 10.5602
·         Bloomfield 11.1200
·         Farmington Hills 11.6072
·         Royal Oak 11.6860
·         Birmingham 14.2221
·         South Lyon 16.0601
·         Farmington 15.4019
·         Southfield 16.3428
·         Northville 16.3650
·         Clarkston 17.8556
·         Madison Heights 18.0021
·         Pleasant Ridge 18.2328
·         Ferndale 24.5664
·         Oak Park 24.6863
 A comparison of City Tax bills based on a taxable value of $102,490Source: City of Troy Financial Summary for the year ended June 30, 2010
Madison Heights              $1,848
Southfield                      $1,675
Birmingham                    $1,457
Rochester Hills               $1,307
Royal Oak                       $1,198
Farmington Hills              $1,190
Sterling Heights              $1,100*
Troy                              $   963
 *following a 1.9 mil increase levied in response to dropping property values, this tax bill is now $1,294

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