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Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Detroit News coverage of the Jan 31 Special City Council Meeting

Although some thought the big news last night was that there was no mention of the Constitution in the analysis of our city's organizational structure (?), as I thought, the shocker was the idea that City Hall is going to prove too large a building to house our shrunken government.
So what gripe has Troy Citizens United got now? Isn't that small enough government for them?
No. They are promising to make next week's city council meeting a circus, talking about the martyrdom of Ed Kempen and their plan to raid our starving city's emergency fund to pay for the library for one year, with no money available for next year.
We do have to wait for one more shoe to drop, when the ICMA Report discussing the Police Department is revealed later this month. But none of the news is good. And listening to people pontificate that there is BLOAT in this city's government is just getting sillier by the minute.
Read it and weep, folks...

February 1, 2011

Troy plan: Peddle City Hall
Official wants to move municipal offices after report suggests that departments combine
The Detroit News

Troy — A sweeping proposal to restructure Troy's government as property values continue to plummet could lead to a "For Rent" sign on City Hall.
City Manager John Szerlag on Monday said he plans to recommend that Troy lease or sell its City Hall on Big Beaver and move the city's administrative offices to the Troy Community Center on Livernois.
His recommendation is based on a report released Monday by the International City/County Management Association (ICMA) that suggested combining several departments such as the Clerk's Office and Human Resources under the Finance and Administrative Services, and considering alternative ways to deliver services.
Szerlag said with those changes, certain departments would need to be physically next to each other and employees cross-trained. And with fewer employees, "we don't need all that space."
"We're down to 40 people at City Hall once we impose all the cuts" that have been proposed, Szerlag said. It's a "drastic step. But if you're serious about cross-training employees, it makes sense."
Mayor Pro Tem Mary Kerwin said Monday's special council meeting was the first she'd heard about possibly leasing City Hall.
"I understand it's important to look at all cost-savings," she said. "But we'd have to process that as a council."
Falling property values and contentious politics have hit Troy hard during the recession. Its revenue stream will shrink $11 million by the 2012-13 fiscal year, and plans are in place to reduce its work force to 317 employees, down from a high of 500. It plans to close its library April 30 after voters rejected a dedicated library millage in November.
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  1. from Anne:
    "I spent an hour reading the report this weekend, and while I'm not ready to take an exam on it, it's clear that the city is screwed. Or rather, that we have screwed ourselves. It's positively scary the number of departments which are not viable. The biggest suggestion for the City Clerk is to work on changing state legislation? I shudder to think what Part II of the report (on the Police Department) will say.

    Unfortunately, the more that the evidence reveals how wrong Howrylak and his cronies are, the more they will scream, point fingers, and utter completely irrelevant nonsense. They are incapable of even considering that they may be wrong."