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Sunday, February 13, 2011

Death Spiral - Stop the Madness!

Someone wrote the below message as a response to Sue's TroyMart piece. And I wanted to be sure no one missed this. Of course it reminds one of the comment by a TCU leader, a realtor in Troy no less, who claimed, "No one shopping for a home in Troy asks about whether we have a good LI-brary!," she sputtered sarcastically. "They want to know about taxes." Now she stands up at city council and begs for our library. Ridiculous!

Please understand that the constant disinformation about Troy being a poorly-run city and all the amenities we are losing because of their anti-tax campaigns are heard beyond our borders. We are becoming notorious.

TCU is turning our once great town into the laughing stock of Detroit. Please help and stop the madness!
From Anonymous:
We are in a death spiral. My place of employment is bringing in hundreds of people from another location that closed. Not one of them is even thinking about Troy because of the library and Tea Party situation. So what does this do to our property values? The people who voted no were either duped or are being penney-wise and dollar foolish. They are ensuring our property values keep going down and that we will not be able to sell our houses. I for one will not want to be here after my kids are out of school if the TCU mentality takes over everything, and I will have no viable way out, short of giving up my home for nothing. Cheap isn't always better. And, another wave of transplants will be coming in the next 5 years and we can probably forget about selling any houses to them either.
By Anonymous on TroyMart: At What Cost? at 6:50 PM

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