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Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Dear Ms. DeBacker:

Last night you asked why it was that the streets surrounding City Hall and the Police Department were cleared of snow down to wet pavement while other areas of the city were still snow covered less than 24 hours after the largest snowfall we've had this year.

Did you wait for the answer this time, or did you leave the council meeting after speaking?

Mrs. Kerwin answered with what I believe to be the most obvious answer to this question -- an answer that I just cannot understand that YOU would not have figured out, given the very sharp mind and skills you've told us that you possess.'s because the POLICE drive those roads and need to have clear and safe access to get to US when there's an issue.

Did you want someone else to be able to get out first? The pizza guy, maybe? Jimmy John's sandwich boy?

Captain Obvious

P.S. I'm gonna throw this out there, and I know it's a crazy one...but I betcha the DPW lot was clear, too. I suppose we could ask them to lift their plows as they exit their parking lot if that would make you feel better.


  1. Was she the last women to speak before break? Thanks to this site, as I watched on my stairmaster (which came w/the purchase of our house, but, sadly, is not adding any value), I could answer most of that woman's questions. How could the council have $ to spend on a transit center, but not the library? (A: federal tax $'s--want 'em to go to another city?) How can they have money to save the Troy Museum? (A: correct me if I'm wrong,but didn't a separate non-profit group save it?) As for the nature center, it would appear all deer and squirrels have moved into my backyard.

  2. It is certainly interesting that people are against additional taxes to replace falling revenue but still want the same level of service. Oh that's right, keep the same level of service for things "I" use but not things that are important to "other" people such as the library and aquatic park.

  3. I was unable to attend the Council meeting last night, although I dearly wanted to. I did watch it from beginning to end on television. Many things made me roll my eyes but one speaker, Ms. DeBacker, took the ‘duh’ award in my opinion. She began her typical diatribe about taxes, with a comment/complaint about the lack of snow plowing around the Wattles area when the civic center campus was clear of snow. I say, Ms. DeBacker, if you want to know why the streets aren’t plowed and salted to the level we have come to enjoy in Troy, please take a look in the mirror. Through the smoke and mirrors games TCU has been playing with the citizens of Troy, not only do we not have enough revenue to cover what we consider basic needs, but no means to increase that revenue. City budgets have been cut to the bone. WE DO NOT HAVE THE MEANS to provide the services the residents have come to expect. Services are not free and money does not grow on trees, and in this day and age of instant access to information it can’t be hidden in secret accounts. I think you need to consider the ramifications of your absolutely no tax increases a little more carefully. If you want your street cleared of snow by the city, we, the community, need to provide the income for that to happen. If you are not willing to pay for the service, then perhaps you should grab your snow shovel or snow blower and get to work. (By the way, that is pretty much what we did on our block, we shoveled the minimal amount of snow to allow everyone a chance to get to the next street). If, as the cost of city services rises, revenue doesn’t keep pace, those services that we consider core services will need to change. Pretty soon, we’ll all be piling our trash and recycling into the backs of our cars, trucks and vans and schlepping it to Soccra ourselves. Before you know it Core services will be Police, fire, and infrastructure. Oh, wait, we can pass off the police to the county sheriff department. So, that leaves fire and infrastructure. Pretty soon, there won’t be any money for that either and what we’ll have at the borders of our city instead of welcome to Troy, city of tomorrow today! We’ll have “Welcome to Troy, a 21st century ghost town”.

  4. Mrs Kerwin's answer makes very little sense. She should think very carefully before speaking. Using her logic, all the streets should be clear. It is great if the police can hit the streets quickly to get there to help you, too bad they got stuck in every subdivision in Troy trying to get there.

    Perhaps a better answer, had she stopped to think about it, would have been that we need to keep the area around city hall/police/library clear to that citizens can have safe access at all times to city services. after all, if someone should fall or be injured, the city would be liable and could face expensive lawsuits.

  5. Anonymous...someone has to be first in line. I'm assuming DPW gets plowed first, obviously, and the next logical choice IS the Police Department/City Hall area for both the reason Mrs. Kerwin gave AND, perhaps, for yours.

    Why nitpick this answer??

    It's simply inconceivable that anyone would have an issue with the City Hall area being plowed before other areas.

  6. Sue .. Agreed, it was a bit nitpicky. I think she often says things before throughly thinking out her response. We are all guilty of this, but being a public figure, she is more prone to scrutiny.

    Citizens are frustrated but I think most agree City Hall area should be taken care of first. Please also know that even though some people who are not in favor of new taxes, get up and speak at council meetings, they are not speaking on behalf of everyone, on every issue, of people who do not want new taxes at this point.

    Anon C