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Friday, February 25, 2011

Anti-city government folks seeing conspiracies again

Nearly a week before this past Monday's city council meeting I knew that council had no interest in considering one of 4 ideas offered in a letter by City Manager John Szerlag. 
The option causing all the hyperventilating was that city council could enact a Michigan State Library Law option to levy up to 1 mill to create an independent public library. They could have done it with 4 votes. 
But it was clear to those of us who actually care about the library that no one on council was interested in considering this option, let alone bringing it to a resolution or vote. It was dead before arrival. Still I begged them to do it. No reply.
Our friends at TCU didn't know that. Why? Because just like their hero Mr. Howrylak, when they see something they don't like they don't ask questions--they apparently plot, plan and write epistles in their basements, but they never ask.
Oh wait, I stand corrected. on the FB page on Sunday they went nuts. Some admitted writing to council. Some apparently did demand Councilwoman Kerwin vote down this terrible resolution (even though it wasn't a resolution). What did she reply? That there was no resolution on the table.
That whipped their conspiracy-sniffing noses into a frenzy. They sent out a letter saying that Mr. Szerlag had "buried the memo" in the agenda (shoot, everything is buried in the agenda!). They basically claimed that because Ms. Kerwin said it wouldn't be voted on, that was PROOF it WOULD be voted on.
So what happened Monday? Sadly, nothing. They skipped over the issue, as it was nothing but a memo. As Ms. Kerwin said, there was no resolution on the table, nothing to discuss, nothing to vote on, unless someone on council WANTED to. And none of them did. For all their different reasons, no one was willing to save the library on Monday night.
So the TCU folks should be thrilled! Their boy on council, Mr. Howrylak, didn't raise the issue. Nor did their foes. They must be excited!
But no.
Now on another website all the same characters, but with a different group name, are trying to whip up more ridiculous conspiracy theories. Now it's an "infamous memo" and they claim that Ms. Kerwin denied the memo existed (no, she denied it was a resolution).
They claim it's all "Bull-smoke." That is true about their conspiracy nonsense, I would say, but typical. These folks are masters at dis-informing people in Troy (see my posts in October about all the lies in their 4-page, anti-library-funding mailer). 

Their constant game plan? 
  • Create disrespect for council and city government so people don't believe anything they say (even though we NEED to hear the data, numbers and facts to figure out the TRUTH)
  • Dis-inform political anti-taxers, who get all riled up
  • Dis-inform people who are barely paying attention with utterly kooky nonsense that sounds so crazy, it must be true, right? Because who would LIE about such things?
Their goals?
  • Make Howrylak mayor this November, and fill the council with folks like Kempen and Daniels (yikes!)
  • Break all unions in Troy govt
  • Dismantle this once great city to save a few extra property tax bucks
What they will achieve IMHO?

  • Send Troy into receivership with their wacky plans that ignore the real numbers because their GUT feelings are more important than the FACTS
  • Never allow the library open again
  • Outsource police dept to Oakland County Sheriff
  • Close the aquatics center
  • Destroy our property values, as no one will want to move here
  • Hurt Troy schools, as they are making Troy particularly unattractive to home buyers with children, which will mean fewer kids in our schools, thus fewer state dollars for all of our kids.
If that's the Troy you want, keep listening to and believing Howrylak/Kempen/Daniels/ TCU/Gosselin. 
And good luck to you.


  1. When I voted for members of City Council I did not vote for them because I wanted to further their political career. I did not vote for them to increase their ego. I did not vote for them to give them a power trip. I voted for them because I expected them to run this city, to maintain ALL services to the best of their abilities for the benefit of the entire community.

    I think it is time for City Council to do what is necessary to save the library. This is NOT about them. This is about the city and about the library and all other services.

    I say they should create that resolution to save the library using the State Library Law option which is available to them. And then they should vote for it and pass it!

    ~ Helen

  2. Besides their Facebook page, what other website are the TCU folks hanging out at?

  3. Well, in the interest of full disclosure I should say that every person I have ever communicated with on the TCU FB page says they are NOT members of TCU, dammit. So I guess they don't hang out there.
    The other page is the one covering Kempen's legal issues, which I don't choose to advertise further. That would be like sending people to a site filled with incorrect information, and I feel too responsible to do such a thing. :-)