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Wednesday, February 16, 2011

And the Oscar Goes To...

From Sue...

It's been said that an effective lawyer is just as good an actor as he/she is a true student of the law.

I think perhaps the same might be true of city councilmen. One need only to watch the replay of last week's special meeting after the regular council meeting to see exactly how big an act our esteemed Mr. Martin Howrylak pulled over on many of the viewing public.

In that meeting, Mr. Howrylak doggedly tried to defend his resolution, attempting to show that the information Mr. Lamerato was presenting couldn't POSSIBLY be right when HIS resolution showed otherwise. Where did THOSE numbers that Mr. Lamerato used come from??? How come Mr. Howrylak couldn't understand why he hadn't seen all that before? How was it that, in fact, there wasn't a big old pot of money for the library as his resolution stated?

There was wonderful body language...full-on Howrylak stammering, furled eyebrow, studied and intense looks...the whole shebang. I could ALMOST believe he was serious in his investigation until I realized one thing:

He was totally faking it. He HAD to be acting. Because if he wasn't acting, folks, Mr. Howrylak is quite possibly the most ignorant and naive council member ever to sit in service to the City of Troy.

Every year, a budget is formalized and adopted. Every fall, the city then waits to see how revenue comes in from the state, and then they AMEND that budget so that it reflects a true picture of incoming revenue and outgoing expenses. Every year, these documents and pieces of information and revised numbers are presented to council and available for their review. Every year, these budgets are available to the general public -- you and me -- on the city website. I know this because I went and FOUND the documents before last week's meeting and found out for myself why there was no money to fund this baseless resolution.

These documents had been available since NOVEMBER.

Mr. Howrylak knew full well his numbers didn't add up. Mr. Howrylak was acting to convince the viewing public in the continuing attempt to discredit fellow council members and to confuse the voting public.

Mr. Howrylak deserves an Oscar for that performance. And anyone who believed him?

You just need a civics lesson. Instead, you'll be treated to the further degradation of your city, the pillaging of your services, and the deep stain on the reputation of what was once the finest city in Michigan.

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  1. How can anyone possibly understand how a budget works and how to manage one when they live at home with parents? I am not being sarcastic, it's a legit question. Until I moved out on my own I didn't know either. Now we are talking an even more complex budget than a personal one. There is no way he's going to get it. I won't even bother to wonder why he is still with his parents at his age.