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Sunday, January 23, 2011

Why not merge with another library?

from supporting materials for Jan 24, 2011 city council meeting--Item N-10

John Szerlag and Cathleen Russ contacted the City of Birmingham regarding sharing a library director, when the Baldwin Public Library directorship was vacant.  John Lamerato and Cathleen Russ contacted the City of Royal Oak regarding sharing a library director, when the Royal Oak Library directorship was vacant. Neither community was interested in a shared directorship for its library. 
Cathleen Russ has contacted library directors in communities that border Troy, to see if any of those communities were interested in forming a district library. Forming a district library requires a vote of the people in all participating communities. It also requires a funding commitment, usually in the form of a dedicated millage. No communities were interested in forming a district library with Troy. 

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