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Thursday, January 27, 2011

Why allow people like Bob Gosselin to run Troy behind the scenes?

from Randy
Both Glenn Clark and his good friend Bob Gosselin are despicable human beings who will do anything and I mean ANYTHING to get someone elected or to get a ballot issue approved. The one thing that is most confusing to me is why would anyone vote to elect someone like Bob Gosselin...arrested for soliciting a prostitute, arrested for exposing himself in public (twice), arrested for felonious assault, and twice tried to use his position as a member of the Troy City Council to get out of a ticket one time by telling the officer a blatant lie.

Is this the kind of people we want representing us...I sure don't

Randy Husk
former councilman City of Troy 1978-1996. Check and see how much the city's millage rate went down during that time....see who the real tax fighters were. 


  1. Wow I'm his cousin and you have no idea what he can do

  2. Yeah? What can he do, besides rig elections, put big money behind candidates he likes, insult people from other religions and make Troy a cesspool of political sleaze?

  3. Like Robert Chubb stated. Robert Gosselin did remove His 81 year old aunt from a nursing home with out her medecine. The sole purpose was to get her in Oakland county so he could have access to all of her money. He tried to take control of her in Presque Isle county courts and he couldn't so he removed her from the Tender Care facility brought her to Troy, had her change her trust and will to make Robert Gosselin the beneficiary. Then when his aunt wanted to remove Robert Gosselin as the beneficiary a short time later he had the courts deem her incapacitated and unable to change anything.Two doctors in Cheboygan stated she had severe dementia and wasn't able too make medical decisions on her own. I have much more detail as to what he did. It's public record at the Cheboygan police deptartment. If he can do this to his own family watch out Oakland County. Please hide your elderly so Gosselin doesn't take advantage of them too. Hide your wallet.

  4. Well Sharon your comments are probably true; but Gosselin has done even worse things then that. I posted earlier on what he has done and they have been removed.