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Friday, January 7, 2011

What's the plan, Howrylak?

The Troy Public Library will close in 112 days.
Councilman Martin Howrylak said that he could save it. Now he has no plan and points fingers every which way.
He wrote in the letter below, "It takes the vision and leadership of a hardworking city council and city manager to make tough budgetary decisions to ensure the continued operation of all functions of the city. It is what we have been elected to do."
Yet, when I ask his army of defenders why he's not spending every spare minute (and I believe he has quite a few to spare) finding the money he assures folks the city has for the library (how does he know if HE can't find it?), his defenders say, "Boo hoo, he is at the city manager's mercy and can't do a single thing on his own."
Then I ask, why do people believe in Martin Howrylak?

  • He can't think outside the box.
  • He can't make good on his promises.
  • He has no ideas.
  • He has no plans.
  • He isn't scouring the books and bringing up brilliant ideas.
  • He isn't showing us where the money is he claims exists.
  • He can't save the library.
  • We will have no library in 112 days.
  • He lied.

And at Monday's council meeting, when he says those big bad council people are all to blame, remember the lies in this letter he sent out (below) a week before the election over Proposal 1, which would have saved the library. He claimed that the one-sentence Kempen Initiative, which was not worth the paper on which it was printed, was a great plan.
He was wrong.

In 112 days, I say we put a sign on our former library -
The Martin F. Howrylak Memorial Library


  1. I dont see one single line in that letter where he says 'he can save the lilbrary'. Not one. Show me where he wrote that. He says like most people he desires to keep the library open, but I don't see anywhere where he says he could 'save' it as you have claimed in other posts.

  2. He says vote No against Prop 1, which would have saved and funded the library. Why vote No? Because the Kempen Initiative "is vastly superior to the ballot questions."
    So how could it have been "superior" and NOT saved the library?

  3. Till,,someome exposes the corrupt DDA..the No vote rolls on.
    go down 16 mile after 7pm..the food places are FULL,,no concern for local problems.basic 101 local concern,,the message has to be announced..So far,,the local leadership groups are too busy filling thier pockets,,instead of correcting,,the city problems.
    if you happen to work in a "building" like Bank of America, has everything a person needs,,right in the building,,haircuts to dry cleaning,,never a real reason to leave the general Area,,and there are many building like this in Troy,
    so when you hear things,,like bikes and walkers wanted,,those people normally have been run over,,or scared to death many times ,do to close calls
    basic make-up a of these groups..1-2 lawyers.couple bean counters,,some money people,,and a good person able to fill out "forms".
    I,m more like a baseball bat.I do not own any asset,and most of money I might make goes directly in a 5013c, .you as an academic should have figured that out,,we want the same thing,,,a well run city.
    Make-ing the tcu a household name,,can NOt do you any good, they have been around in some form over 20 years.

  4. He writes at the very bottom of his letter,

    "Success of this petition will allow for the library to be maintained without creating a new government entity and without overtaxing property owners."

    He wrote very confidently. Why would he write that if he was not sure it would work?

    ~ Helen

  5. It was inappropriate to send the letter as a council member vs. individual citizen. The letter contained multiple distortions of reality. The consequence is very obvious. We need a different candidate for mayor who we can support and help win.