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Thursday, January 20, 2011

Unlike the 'TCU Advertorial' that was the recent Oakland Press story...

The Troy Times article explains what is really happening with the Kempen Petition -- without the kooky, Tea-Party, ain't-TCU-a-victim hysteria and, more importantly, without taking sides.

Action on library petition awaits court ruling
By Terry Oparka
C & G Staff Writer

TROY — Although one citizens group charges that the Troy City Council has violated the city charter by not taking action on a voter-initiated petition calling for the city to fund and operate a library, city leaders say there is no violation.
Last spring, the City Council approved a rolling three-year budget that does not include funding for the library past July 1.
Troy Citizens United, a group that opposed a tax increase to establish an independent library board last fall and a general operating millage increase in February, believes that the council violated the city charter by not passing the request into law or taking action to place the request before voters by Jan. 4, 30 days after the City Clerk’s Office verified the signatures.
In November, the council voted 6-1 to allow City Attorney Lori Grigg Bluhm to seek clarification of the petition from Oakland County Circuit Court. Councilman Martin Howrylak opposed the move.
“Council has done neither and is in violation of the Troy city charter and their oath to uphold that charter. … Council did not authorize attorney Bluhm to exceed her authority by requesting the court to extend the 30-day charter limitation. The council resolution did not authorize attorney Bluhm to violate city charter,” states Troy Citizens United.
Ed Kempen initiated and circulated the petition, which states: “In order to assure access to quality local library service, the city of Troy shall operate and maintain a public library open to the public for not less than 55 hours each week.“
Bluhm said the petition language for the proposed ordinance does not provide a funding source for the library, and the city filed the lawsuit for guidance from the court and for “more time.”

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  1. I believe it's very sad, that only one group of people, in Troy has the brain power to form an independent library.
    Noticed the article didn't mention before the city council really decides/looks at anything,the z-man must 1st,put the item on the agenda, and TROY's law department is very busying,on the Birmingham/TROY transit center law suit.
    also I believe if the CITY COUNCIL really wanted a library it would happen,,as the Community center just started to charge for services,that were free, so as the city was saying no increase in taxes,,every senior got increase , the worse part,the extra fee is collected ,before you play.IF,you go 4-5 times a week,a plus $100, per year.

  2. But Marv, that's what people like you wanted remember? NO new taxes remember? We pay too much already remember? So pay to play is what you opted for! When somebody who uses a service pays for it it's called a few, not a tax. As the saying goes, you can't have your cake and eat it too.

  3. I have Unlimited amount of money, smoke 10-15 buck cigars every day ,plus any root beers,daily,and explain.I do NOT cook,so I eat out every meal,plus who I'm eating with,.just because I feel for the serfs,,Doesn't make me a serf.
    Since S.S, payments to the Seniors been,no cost of living raise for three years,and new costs in their medical plans,,is 100$ of bucks of new expensive..and as city charges,,people just redirect to Free places, and you have a negative feelings towards the city,and these people vote.
    and to Anonymous, most seniors who play cards,,do not need or care about a library..1/2 year in TROY,1/2 year some where it's very hot.
    If the city wanted more people at city council meeting,,the Community Center,,would be the. place

  4. not complaining, just explaining, card players come in pairs,and playing to play is what the city wants,so seniors responded, seniors do NOt use or need a library, and they vote,per conversation with many, but have time to shop for services.
    the "save the Library" people stopped by for weeks before the last election , but the guy could never answer any questions.

  5. I agree Marv. It's a shame that only the Citizens to Save the Troy Public Library fought to create an independent library. Then TCU and Howrylak did everything they could to kill our only chance. This petition is a bunch of nonsense. Howrylak tells us the money is there, yet somehow he doesn't know where.
    When TCU talks about people the DON'T like they say they could over-rule Szerlag. When they defend Howrylak, they say their man is DEFENSELESS against Szerlag. Boo hoo.
    Whetre's the money, Howrylak?