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Thursday, January 27, 2011

Tick Tock - Are both sides just being quaintly political? No.

A conversation from the comments of this blog:
Anonymous: It's all a very interesting read, but does nothing about the immediate pending situation , library closure... tic toc ... (and anticipating criticism for the 'tic toc' comment, look to the right of your page here, and see the countdown clock you put there) ...
Sharon: I am very mindful of the tick tock. Problem is, as I and many people see it, our Plan B went down in November. Last May we saw Proposal 1 as the last ditch-effort to save the library because of the timing.
You see, I understand that there IS NO money for the library and thus it will close. And some silly Kempen petition will just force the city to open a joke of a library.
The problem in Troy is so much bigger than just the library. The library is the tip of the iceberg.
If the 2008 millage cap had not happened, we never would have noticed a thing. Council would have temporarily raised the millage to pay for what we want and need, as dozens of other councils had done in the past. Our revenue is shrinking by the millions each of the next few years. They just learned that they would lose an extra $700k.
Now we have to vote our own tax increases, which the good people of Troy might consider doing if they didn't have all of these liars disinforming them about what is going on.
Revenue is the city's tax income. We pay for what we get. My taxes went down. I was willing to pay a small percentage of my decline to keep the library. But no. Greed prevailed.
All I can think to do is to make Troy residents understand that we WON'T have a library because Troy politicians like GLENN CLARK LIE TO WIN--and they apparently don't care about the results of their efforts. They only care about the little check they put in the win column.
And do you believe, as Ms. Daniels said, that people don't care about whether we have a library when they move to a city? That is nonsense and proves she doesn't even know her OWN business. These are dangerous people who have too much media attention and are getting out ridiculous distorted messages that HURT Troy.
Tick tock. I wish the alarm would ring on this clock, because if people don't wake up soon Troy is going to be a great town that used to be.
Anonymous: Sharon, at a high level, you are right, the problem is much bigger than the library. The problem is politics. As an overall, can you agree that politics is politics? I mean, try to look at the politics issue from a distance. Can you honestly say that one side of the aisle or another is completely free of 'tricksters'? I cant. I certainly dont condone questionable tactics OR attitude from either 'camp'. The city council in principle is supposed to be non partisan. I think the current council is far from that... I think they are very partisan. You have 'camps and covens'. It's like watching survivor, or celebrity apprentice. Schilling, Kerwin, Slater, Mcginnis VS Howrylack, Fleming, and sometimes Beltramini... It's POLITICAL sattire at its finest. I dont think those people have the best interest of Troy in their sights at all. That's my opinion. Your results may vary.
And, if you can blame a previous political machine (2008) for the current situation, then I can say the current machine is responsible for keeping us there.
Sharon: I know I write long, so I'll try to keep this brief.
I am not trying to attach blame as a hobby. I want people to understand what is happening in Troy.
The uninformed middle in Troy needs to wake up and see that our last two elections were filled with lies and manipulations. 
Yes, I can say the side I have been on in the last two elections, which is the pro-city, pro-library side, has not cheated, lied and been unethical. Manipulations? Perhaps. THAT is politics. Outright unethical lying and cheating like TCU? Absolutely not. There is a difference.
Until people educate themselves about the facts and stop relying on people like TCU/Gosselin/Clark/Kempen/Daniels and Howrylak for "facts" we cannot save Troy.
One example. All of the above say we have the highest taxes in the area. That is a lie. Our tax rate is one of the lowest. So they compare dollar amounts which is misleading because our houses are worth more.
Why lie so much? If your motives are good, why always lie and cheat? Why manipulate Troy voters? Why?
The only thing I can do is shed a light on the horrible process and try to see who those little cockroaches are before they scurry back under the cabinet.


  1. Manipulative vs Lying? ... Oh come on Sharon, who are you trying to kid?

    'Well I shot the elephant but I only used a small caliber weapon so I only wounded it'... gee, two wrongs no matter what the scope still don't make a right do they? Or, are you saying that by 'only' being manipulative, they are 'less wrong', and thus excused?

    Personally I don't like being lied to OR manipulated by a politician. That's just as ridiculous as anything Janice mumbles about. I don’t see any real intelligence on either side of the fence here... just rhetoric. See you all in November.
    'Not Dave Lambert' ... anonymous

  2. My campaign did not manipulate or deceive. I did not manipulate or deceive. We tried to save the library. End of story.

  3. Funny, you just wrote (in a previous post thats now gone), that manipulating was ok because 'that's poliltics'...

  4. A better anology might be one side kicked the elephant in the rear and the other side ripped its guts out with a machete :-)
    What you ignore is me trying to be moderate, trying to look honestly at both sides. If you want to scream me back to thinking my side is 100% right, fine. Then you are discouraging that blessed hunt for common ground.
    Maybe you should appreciate a little honesty.

  5. No, there are no previous posts that are gone, paranoid one, you just can't find it. My point is manipulating a message is what is supposed to be politics. Cheating, lying and smearing are DIRTY POLITICS. I think there is a difference. But I am not a politician. I am not a leader. I did not cheat in the last election and neither did my group. The city? All that they did happened before I was on the scene, chum.
    When you can get excited about all the lies told by TCU in the Prop 1 election, we'll talk. There's my common ground.