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Monday, January 24, 2011

No violation of city charter

Janice Daniels and Thomas Burke claimed at the Jan. 24, 2011 city council meeting that Troy City Council has broken our "constitution" by, as Daniels claims, "violating the Troy City Charter."
That's simply more TCU smoke and mirrors. And frankly, it's getting a little boring.
A judge approved the extension of the Kempen Petition decision (or Kemper, as Tom Burke kept saying), so the city did not violate the Troy City Charter.
If Mr. Kempen had so much time to play games with our library's fate last summer and fall (after all, his deceitful petition was from the "Friends of the Troy Public Library with No New Taxes," another example of how Mr. Kempen defrauded those who signed it believing it was from the REAL Friends of TPL) he probably has lots of time now to continue to fight for his meaningless petition that helped destroy Troy's best chance of saving the library.
My answer to the faux horror of Daniels and Burke?

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