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Tuesday, January 25, 2011

The Martin Howrylak Show

From Sue...

Anyone looking for a laugh watching the Troy City Council Meetings is probably left feeling as I do. It seems the though nearly the entire process has been lowered to the realm of a campy cable channel comedy.

And the head prankster? Mr. Martin Howrylak. I am left staring in amused bewilderment at every comment that boy makes on every single motion brought forth to the council. I am in AWE of the patience shown to him by the other professionals on council, in administration, and by our city attorney.

Week after week, Mr. Howrylak stammers his request to speak and brings forth an issue that has obviously been discussed by council in either public forum or (appropriate and legal) closed session. Week after week, he attempts to embarrass and defraud the council members and the process. Week after week, his weary and yet still very patient colleagues are forced to clarify ONCE AGAIN how what they’ve done or are considering doing is prudent, appropriate, reasonable and legal.

Week after week, like a child who doesn’t like the answer he hears from one parent, Mr. Howrylak tries to appeal to the other. He whines, they clarify, he rebuts with a petulant retort. And then the thrilling vote on whatever issue it is at hand – usually a slam-dunk and clearly beneficial issue. I can hardly believe when (gasp) the only detractor is (again) Mr. Howrylak.

Insert eye roll and heavy sigh.

It’s time to give Mr. Howrylak the same treatment a child in our home would receive for such behavior. He is clearly in need of a time-out, and I am quite sure he will receive one in November.

Martin Howrylak for Mayor? That’s one comedy I won’t watch. And I hope you won’t, either.


  1. I'm thinking maybe they take some kind of sedative so that they don't jump up and fly across the table and give him a spanking.

  2. Call him Thurston Howrylak, III.

  3. Check out the City of Troy agenda packet for the January 31 meeting. Look at p127 of the document. A reorganizational chart shows, among other things, no more assistant city managers!