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Sunday, January 2, 2011

In spite of what TCU says, Troy is well run...

...The city is simply starving from plummeting revenues and can't recover due to the 2008 millage cap.
But Troy had its share of good news in 2010. This is re-printed from the current Troy Times page 4. I didn't write it, but I sure appreciate it!
How do we keep Troy moving forward? Learn the facts and stop following the lower-taxes-at-any-cost crowd. They are making a huge mess of things. And it will get worse if we don't stop them.


Thank you Mayor Schilling, Troy City Council, Administration, Employees and Volunteers for all that was achieved in 2010.  Here are just a few examples:

·                          For the 11th consecutive year, the City of Troy received all three of the Government Finance Officers Association Awards for the City Budget Document, the Comprehensive Annual Financial Report and the City of Troy Financial Summary.
·                          The financial community has recognized the City’s solid, diversified tax base and sound management.  Standard & Poor’s gave the City an “AAA” rating for unlimited tax general obligation bonds. This makes Troy one of the three highest rated municipalities in Michigan.  High bond ratings translate to savings for the City and its taxpayers.
·                          City Council & Staff are investing in programs which are bringing business development and jobs to Troy.  Troy received top rankings for attracting & retaining entrepreneurial companies for the 4th straight year in the University of Michigan Dearborn School of Management eCities Study.
·                          The recently released CQ Press City Crime Rankings for 2009-2010, places Troy as the Safest City in the State of Michigan and 13th Safest U.S. City with a population of 75,000 and above. 
·                          Troy’s Fleet Maintenance Division was named Number 1 of the 100 Best Fleets in North America based on outstanding performance for fleet operations.
·                          Troy Public Library is ranked 10th best in the country for our population category & is also the 2nd highest ranked library in Michigan. TPL was also awarded a 2009 World Book/ALA Information Literacy Goal Award for their “Information Literacy for the Job Seeker” program.
·                          Troy Parks & Recreation for sustaining so many excellent programs with very limited use of tax dollars. Also, Troy received recognition for Best Overall Commitment to Aquatics from Aquatic International Magazine.
·                          The Troy Purchasing Department received the 2010 Achievement of Excellence in Procurement Award by the National Purchasing Institute for the 8th consecutive year.
·                          City of Troy Employees volunteered to accept numerous contract concessions in response to financial realities.  Also appreciated is the more than $21,000 in donations by employees to support local non-profit organizations.
·                          Very special thanks to all of the people who have donated time, money and materials to support our City on election issues and to keep our quality of life resources intact.

As we begin 2011, let us renew our commitment to keep Troy a thriving and viable community prepared to move forward with the highest standards for municipal operation.  We must all work together in a constructive manner with truth and honor for our fellow citizens as our foundation.

Troy Residents United for Truth and Honor
 To Keep Troy Strong

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