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Tuesday, January 25, 2011

If Troy residents aren't mad yet, they will be after reading this! Meet Glenn Clark--Troy’s dirty politician

Fighting against the lies and dirty tricks of the TCU, Bob Gosselin and Glenn Clark are exhausting. Trust me and the hundreds of people who tried to save the library last fall.
Many people know how dirty these people’s hands are. 
Last February, on a Troy political blog, one person commented anonymously, “I am a Republican and am embarrassed by the likes of Glenn Clark and the rest of his bully cronies!”
Another anonymous respondent replied the way most people do when we say these folks are unethical--claiming Glenn Clark is simply the “Conservative boogie-man of choice for local RINOs.” [RINO means Republicans In Name Only and is the way far-right wingers, like Janice Daniels, refer to normal, non-extreme Republicans.]
Well, Mr. Clark has finally been caught red-handed for the disgusting, unethical political operator that he is. What he did may even surprise Troy residents, who are getting pretty used to dirty tricks.
But real quick…who is Glenn Clark? He is the Vice Chair of Troy’s Board of Zoning Appeals. He is the Chairman of the 9th Congressional District Republican Party. He is a founder of the Oakland County Tea Party. In the 1990s he was the Director of the Michigan Christian Coalition and not too long ago he was on the Oakland County Board of Commissioners with his pal Bob Gosselin. He also has a police complaint filed against him for roughing up a female Republican activist at a Tea Party meeting.
What was he caught doing? He lied in a campaign. He lied big and dirty.
In the Jan. 24, 2011  Oakland Press – by Chad Selweski.
“In a rare move, former state Rep. Kim Meltzer has admitted in writing that her campaign lied about the legislative record of an opponent, Leon Drolet, during the hotly contested 2010 state Senate campaign in north Macomb’s 11th District.”
Who was Meltzer’s campaign manager? Glenn Clark. What did they lie about?
Among the many pieces of nasty literature that blanketed the district were fliers from Meltzer’s camp that falsely claimed that while in the House Drolet had introduced legislation to legalize gay sex in public places. Meltzer said on Monday that she was unaware of the content of the flier and did not approve it ahead of time.”
Drolet and Meltzer issued the following joint statement regarding the lawsuit’s settlement:
“A piece of campaign literature distributed by the Meltzer for state Senate campaign contained statements about Leon Drolet’s legislative record that are not true and were unapproved by state Rep. Kim Meltzer.
The campaign literature falsely stated that ‘Drolet co-sponsored a bill that would have allowed sexual acts between homosexuals in public places, public parks and public restrooms — exposing our children to that filth.’
“In fact, Leon Drolet did not introduce or support legislation that would allow such acts or homosexual gross indecency in public places, as was inaccurately stated in the campaign literature. False statements contained in the campaign literature were not approved by state Rep. Kim Meltzer. A countywide apology to both Leon Drolet and the residents in the 11th District was submitted and printed in a local paper dated Aug. 12, 2010. All matters pertaining to this issue are hereby fully resolved with any and all financial settlements undisclosed.”
And who was the filthy politician in the story?

Troy’s own Glenn Clark.

The man who helped lead the fight against the Troy millage vote in February, 2010. The man who helped lead the fight against library-saving Proposal 1.
Drolet issued one parting shot, blaming the incident on McCarthy-like tactics by Meltzer’s campaign manager, Glenn Clark, a longtime figure in Macomb and Oakland counties’ GOP politics.
“I’m glad Kim and I amicably resolved this matter, and I believe she didn’t approve spreading lies,” said Drolet, who also served on the Macomb County Board of Commissioners. “Meltzer’s campaign consultant, Glenn Clark, has a long history of specializing in reckless, gay-oriented smears (and) ... his obsession with persecuting gay people has come to define him.”
Is it any wonder Troy residents are afraid to come forward and fight for what's right and run for office in Troy, with dirty politicians such as Clark lurking about?


  1. He is a real embarrassment to the Republican party! So is Gosselin. Why would any one believe anything that comes out of the mouths of any of these people. Is this the type of leadership you want in November?

  2. Too bad you didn't include Gosselin's rap sheet.

  3. This is an attempted smear on Glenn Clark by liberal Republicans and Democrats. Glenn is supported by hundreds of conservatives and tea-party activists for his activism. He is unabashedly for limited government and there are some (such as this blogger) who hate him for his continued bold and conservative leadership.

  4. Hey, here is a thought. Instead of blowing all this wind in an effort to assign blame, how about if you spent as much energy trying to come up with a solution. Oh, yea, your only solution was through a tax increase? What good player doesnt have at least an A game, AND a plan b...?

  5. Nice attempt to change the subject, but apparently all smears are cool unless they're against your folks.
    This story is about Mr. Clark's smears which his own candidate disavows! And yet, you can still support this disgusting practice.
    I got my information from Clark's Republican candidate and the Republican he tried to smear and two newspaper articles.
    Really? I'm in the wrong?

  6. Politics is politics... I havent met a politician yet who is completely free of dabbling on the dark side... stone away.

  7. Glenn Clark is not a conservative christian. He has people fooled. For example, Glenn Clark yelled at a woman in church and caused so much emotional distress that she almost went into seizures. The leader of the church group kicked Glenn Clark out of the group. IS that your idea of a christian? This is just one example where Glenn Clark hates women. Unfortunately, Glenn Clark took Kim Meltzer's money to run her campaign. Glenn ran a nasty campaign for Meltzer. Some have said that this was a lover's quarrel between Glenn Clark and Leon (Check out 2 Joes) and other sources. Glenn Clark is the #1 reason that there is so much in-fighting in the 9th district. Glenn Clark operates with Theresa Mungioli. They are the reason why activists have quit helping in elections. For obvious reasons, vote for Bill LArgent at the State Convention in Grand Rapids.

  8. Glenn Clark,,is a very able person,,he gets the job done,instead of attacking ,,should be finding common ground,,You will be gone,and Glenn Clark will be still collecting a pay check. Try, Explaining,why,? the city is building parks,and claiming no money for a library,or the city council passes,the distracted driving law, police, pulled over 400 cars, per newspaper articles, and NO Tickets, information only?? Confirmed too many police, too much tax money wasted. Watching the city turn over Millions of bucks of assets,to the Unknown and Unelectable/ed "concern" groups. Instead of forming a a true committee,of people of honor ,to find ways of improving ways of the City, Troy has to hire outside consultants.

  9. The bully's cry wolf when the tables are turned. Glenn Clark has operated without regard for years in Oakland County. He's been working in Marty Knollenberg's legislative office and campaign office. He's also worked on Gosselin's campaign and the TEA Party candidates in the last Council election.Fortunately, only one made it back on the council. Yet, the fact remains this story is out and I charge all who are tired of the TCU, TEA Party...Troy Clawson Republican forum individuals to spread the article. Show it to your concern neighbors and write letters to the editors.

    The City of Troy has worked their tail off to provide nationally recognized services with very little money.

    I can't believe people actually get their credible information from some of the people who are defending Glenn Clark when his miss deeds are printed clearly in newspapers. Not slanderous comments on blogs...NEWSPAPERS...even their own right wing buddies at the Oakland Press.