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Monday, January 31, 2011

Free Press article on ICMA report

But as you read this, or the ICMA report, one wonders if a city like Troy really needs to have the third lowest tax millage rate in Oakland County. 
Do we really WANT to have a skeletal city government and nonexistent services? 
Do I really need my taxes and services to continue their free fall?
I moved here for the services, ironically. I don't mind paying a few bucks to save some of these things.
What's good for rich folks like Bob Gosselin is not necessarily good for ordinary folks like me.

January 31, 2011
Report says Troy should shrink its staffs to cut costs

Detroit Free Press Staff Writer

Troy officials should condense departments, cross-train employees and shrink the city's government, according to a report expected to be presented to Troy City Council tonight.
"The City of Troy is a very well-run city; that may enlighten some people," City Manager John Szerlag said when asked about the report's findings Friday. "That's what I thought jumped out at me the most."
Touted as an independent review, the 160-page analysis was compiled by three consultants from the International City-Council Management Association (ICMA), along with two consultants from the Center for State and Local Government Excellence and the International Municipal Lawyers Association.
Other findings include:
• "The city's efforts to outsource and privatize services, such as building inspections and the golf courses, mirrors the leading practices found across the nation, and the privatization review process is well-designed."
• "Salaries and current benefits are comparable to similarly sized Michigan cities, and measures to contain these costs are leading-edge practices."
• "The city's actions to address the cost of employee benefits ... place it among local government leaders in managing these costs."
• "Most departments and functions are at or nearing the limit of their ability to 'do more with less.' "
• "The proposed plan(s) for addressing declining revenues balances the budget, but the decisions and detailed implications have not been fully acknowledged or embraced by staff."
The special council meeting begins at 6 p.m. in the council boardroom, a small conference room off council chambers.

read the entire article here


  1. From Ellen~
    This article is such a horrible interpretation of what the report says. It says the staff needs to be significantly reorganized because so many areas are either unsustainable or barely sustainable. It clearly says the staff is already pretty darn lean and mean. I am very concerned about the local TV media picking up on this headline. It would be one thing if it was even close to accurate; but it’s dangerous because it is not.

  2. I remember glaring errors Bataglia made over the Library Ballot Proposal.

  3. Truth is, it's the headline that is so misleading. The rest of the article seems more in-line with what the report says.