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Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Don't Believe the Troy Library Rumors!

from Sharon
A friend from another city told me she heard at a Troy organization's meeting yesterday that the library will sell off all its assets before closing its doors at the end of April. 
Not so!
The official plan is to shut down the library carefully so that in the event it is saved it won't be difficult to open up for business once again. They plan to keep the books on the shelves temporarily with the hopes that some intelligent folks will find a way to save our library...SOON.
Also, the Friends of the TPL will NOT be having a fire sale to rid themselves of all the assets that have been donated to them over the years.
It sounds like they'll all be in stand-by mode waiting for the THIRD shoe to drop.
If you hear people telling these untruths, tell them it's not so! Please. 
We can still save the library!


  1. just 'think" no offer to kept the Troy Library open can be conferred.till presented to the Z-man 1st..then the Z-man can "if'wanted,,show someone else,,then decide that this is a good offer,,then decide 'if" the z-man even puts the Offer on the agenda.
    Then a "study"meetings need to be decided..if any.then the Union{assocailtion} must approve,,per the city manager system. a system designed to be very slow.

  2. Illiterate fellows posting incoherent drivel on intelligent social activists' blogs should scurry back to their holes where they cannot impede or otherwise injure the communities in which they live, and in which their minds fester. Good day, sir.

  3. Hey Marv,
    I asked someone why Martin Howrylak, who promised he had to plan to save the library while he worked against Prop 1, didn't simply scour the books on his own and come up with a brilliant plan. No, the man exclaimed. You don't get it! They have to wait until a plan is presented by Szerlag! It's not Howrylak's fault!
    Huh? Then how can Howrylak complain if he, like the rest, is working for Szerlag?
    He's supposed to know better- he's been there forever! He claims they tie his hands, but he's just the same as the rest.

  4. So, are you suggesting that the staff does NOT have to put the item on the agenda for council to act on. I thought that is the way it works with the current form of government in Troy?

    "Council members and citizens count on the manager to provide complete and objective information, the pros and cons of alternatives, and long-term consequences."

    From 'What is the manager's function' found here:


    "Does the manager participate in policy determination?
    The manager makes policy recommendations to the council, but the council may or may not adopt them and may modify the recommendations.

  5. What I'm saying, Anonymous if that is indeed your name, is that folks at the mic are always blaming counsel members for not getting to work and not thinking outside the box.
    It is only when one suggests Mr. Howrylak get off his duff and produce a plan that HE promised would save the library that we suddenly hear -- "Oh, it doesn't work that way." "How can you be so mean to Marty?"
    He is held to a different, otherworldly standard than the rest, yet he can't buck our system either.
    HE told people he had a plan, that he could save the library -- but he can't.
    He lied.
    Blame Szerlag, right? Never Marty's fault.
    What's the plan, Howrylak?

  6. As it pertains to 'Anonymous' postings, since this blog permits it, that is how I choose to post, so, questioning 'if that is really your name' is irrelevant. I choose to remain Anonymous. I think you could change this blog to prohibit anonymous posting.\ if it is a problem.

    As for 'suddenly hearing' that it doesnt work that way... if you didnt know before how the government was structured and how it is supposed to work, perhaps, since you do now, you should thank Mr. Howrylak for educating you , because, that is in fact how it is supposed to work.

  7. 1) anonymous comment - it's a little joke -humor outlawed???
    2) Mr. Howrylak didn't educate me about that. Mr. Howrylak is the one who proved it to be true because he can't follow through on his promise
    3) I didn't know it to be true because your lot blames council for not voting outside of what Szerlag offered, when apparently, based on what you have so kindly taught me, they couldn't do in the first place.

  8. "Mr. Howrylak didn't educate me about that. ", but didnt you just post above?..."we suddenly hear -- ", as if it was news?

    "your lot blames council for not voting outside of what Szerlag offered, when apparently, based on what you have so kindly taught me, they couldn't do in the first place."..

    Not exactly, what I hear is that council should say to Mr Szerlag, 'this isnt acceptable, you, as our city manager who is responsible for recommending things to us, must come up with a better solution'...

  9. Nonsense! Last two meetings all I heard was "The four anti-library council members."

  10. Did the 3 council people tell Szerlag it wasn't acceptable? Did they tell him why it wasn't acceptable? If not, why not?

    Where's the plan Mr. Howrylak?

    ~ Helen

  11. I just "love" semantic arguments...

    On paper, it's a very simple arrangement.. Council provides a direction, the city manager designs a plan for implementation of that direction. In the library's case, a very split council (and a vote of the people) said that essential services come first, and the city manager had to come up with a plan to make that happen.

    Now, there's nothing to suggest that council members cannot provide their own plans or initiatives. That has happened many times over the course of the years. And that doesn't prevent council to override parts of the plan the city manager has provided and tweak the plan as desired.

    Howrylak et. al play a very passive aggressive game when it suits their purposes.

  12. Right Jeff. Every comment from them, and anonymous (I'm betting it's Dave Lambert), is either simpering passive aggression or dripping with self-pitying victim-hood.
    For example -- and my point here -- Howrylak sends out a letter telling people not to vote for Prop 1 because he has a better plan. Slater asks, "What's the plan." Howrylak sputters, "Why ask me, they voted for Option 1," which is off point.
    HE promised the library would be fine and it is not and now he wonders "Why are all these big, mean 5-foot-tall women being so darned mean to me?? Boo hoo."
    I say to his defenders, "Well, why doesn't he DO something??? He said he could fix it." And his defenders say, "You just don't understand how the city works." Apparently, neither does Howrylak.
    No wonder Slater seems appalled by Howrylak's simpering childishness.
    Grow up TCU and its defenders.
    You played hardball. You wrecked the library. Take happy credit for the mess you've made to save a few pennies.
    What's your plan, Howrylak?

  13. many cities and towns in the Mid-west..when the economic down turn was predicted..all business and many people took inventory of their goods and surplus'..and along with the local goverment gave to the schools and for the general good of the community,,
    and audited all thier expenses for the past years.
    to in sure ,once the money flows agian,,there is automatic very public accounting of all Tax and grant money,.
    Why,NOT Troy business unite,,now we have
    Michigan,,Oakland county,Troy,,plus if you "want" a service even more money.Then we have the schools..0akland county ,,parks,,dog park over a library..
    Till Michigan can become more predictable,,only the State can rasie taxes at will..
    ??? your library district idea,,can be county wide,or at least larger then Troy.

  14. Sharon,
    It's not Dave Lambert.

    Cheers.... anonymous.