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Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Are you kidding me?

So I have posted the truth about Glenn Clark, according to newspapers, 2 Republican politicians and a court that said his campaign lied and had to pay a settlement. And what do I hear from his fans?
They tell me I should be nicer.
They say I should find common ground.
What on earth is wrong with me?

Here is my reply...
Find common ground? Find common ground? How would we do that? Is that what Janice Daniels does when she drips with nasty sarcasm at the city council microphone and informs Troy Republicans that they are the “wrong kind” of Republican and must change to be just like her?
Is it about finding common ground when TCU lies on their website and mailers, smears city council and city staff and lies about their salaries and their very motivation? 
Is it common ground when area Friends of Bob Gosselin put confusing, fake proposals on the ballot, cheating people out of their fair vote so they can get what they want?
Is it about finding common ground when Glenn Clark tells despicable lies about same-party political opponents, and bullies and shoves women around at rallies and in CHURCH?
What is wrong with you all? Why is it you think you deserve respect when all you do is dish out lies and cheating and disinformation campaigns that are bringing our city to its knees?
We pay low taxes so we can’t afford stuff. THAT is the truth. 
We pay low taxes because in 2008 Kempen/Howrylak/Gosselin convinced the Troy populace to cut and cap its taxes--a move leading DIRECTLY to where we are today.
For too many years the moderate, average, thinking people in this town have been polite and have trusted the garbage that comes from TCU, but no more. You get the respect you earn.
Have any of these people apologized for their bad deeds? No. Have ANY of their political friends who benefit from their bad deeds (e.g., Howrylak) disavowed them? No.
So thanks for your advice, but I think I'm not going to sit down, shut up and take it anymore. 
I’ll just keep up with my little blog and call a court-, newspaper-, and peer-labelled creep a creep. 


  1. It's all a very interesting read, but does nothing about the immediate pending situation , library closure...
    tic toc ...
    (and anticipating criticism for the 'tic toc' comment, look to the right of your page here, and see the countdown clock you put there) ...

  2. I am very mindful of the tick tock. Problem is, as I and many people see it, our Plan B went down in November. Last May we saw Proposal 1 as the last ditch-effort to save the library because of the timing.
    You see, I understand that there IS NO money for the library and thus it will close. And some silly Kempen petition will just force the city to open a joke of a library.
    The problem in Troy is so much bigger than just the library. The library is the tip of the iceberg.
    If the 2008 millage cap had not happened, we never would have noticed a thing. Council would have temporarily raised the millage to pay for what we want and need, as dozens of other councils had done in the past. Our revenue is shrinking by the millions each of the next few years. They just learned that they would lose an extra $700k.
    Now we have to vote our own tax increases, which the good people of Troy might consider doing if they didn't have all of these liars disinforming them about what is going on.
    Revenue is the city's tax income. We pay for what we get. My taxes went down. I was willing to pay a small percentage of my decline to keep the library. But no. Greed prevailed.
    All I can think to do is to make Troy residents understand that we WON'T have a library because Troy politicians like GLENN CLARK LIE TO WIN--and they apparently don't care about the results of their efforts. They only care about the little check they put in the win column.
    And do you believe, as Ms. Daniels said, that people don't care about whether we have a library when they move to a city? That is nonsense and proves she doesn't even know her OWN business. These are dangerous people who have too much media attention and are getting out ridiculous distorted messages that HURT Troy.
    Tick tock. I wish the alarm would ring on this clock, because if people don't wake up soon Troy is going to be a great town that used to be.

  3. Sharon, at a high level, you are right, the problem is much bigger than the library. The problem is politics. As an overall, can you agree that politics is politics? I mean, try to look at the politics issue from a distance. Can you honestly say that one side of the aisle or another is completely free of 'tricksters'? I cant. I certainly dont condone questionable tactics OR attitude from either 'camp'. The city council in principle is supposed to be non partisan. I think the current council is far from that... I think they are very partisan. You have 'camps and covens'. It's like watching survivor, or celebrity apprentice. Schilling, Kerwin, Slater, Mcginnis VS Howrylack, Fleming, and sometimes Beltramini... It's POLITICAL sattire at its finest. I dont think those people have the best interest of Troy in their sights at all. That's my opinion. Your results may vary.
    And, if you can blame a previous political machine (2008) for the current situation, then I can say the current machine is responsible for keeping us there.

  4. Sharon: an outstanding summation of where we are. Anonymous: unless and until people in this community understand the big picture and the complexity of the problem, issues such as the Library will never be solved.

    How can these people from our local Tea Party talk about our nation's forefathers and then behave with such a lack of integrity? This will not further our democracy. It's evil. The devil is getting a foothold and smiling all the way.

    Common ground? Sorry. I've given up on that. I am running away from this. I'm seeking higher ground. If some of them would like to join me, they're more than welcome. I wouldn't want to be associated with that destructive mess for anything.

  5. I posted another response prior to what Ellen said, apparently it got (gets) lost in the ether?

  6. 1st,,I have only seen Glenn Clark once or twice,but noticed he has the whole 9th district,and there is 4 other smaller Republican groups,inside Troy..j-m c--pb-ll group.attached to the TROY Chamber,,is the super small 'r' group, A Troy/Clawson group,very differ .Soars met at the Berkley legion. Noars I have no idea.
    Explain,,the lawsuits, million of tax bucks wasted over a farm on JOHN R, but with the new "flex zone-ing idea.,.you can have a farm on 16.
    Rather you believe or not.people "think" democrats run TROY, both Stine and Schillings both retired school teachers = union. one reason many people in TROY have many confused ideas of Troy....
    The common ground ,I talking about is, does TROY really need a library,,yes,,then set a plan in motion,,instead of my way or the highway,,thinking.
    management JOB,,is to break union contracts , and will use any method possible.

  7. I know I write long, so I'll try to keep this brief.
    I am not trying to attach blame as a hobby. I want people to understand what is happening in Troy.
    The uninformed middle in Troy needs to wake up and see that our last two elections were filled with lies and manipulations.
    Until people educate themselves about the facts and stop relying on people like the TCU/Gosselin/Clark/Kempen/Daniels and Howrylak for "facts" we cannot save Troy.
    One example. All of the above say we have the highest taxes in the area. That is a lie. Our tax rate is one of the lowest. So they compare dollar amounts which is misleading because our houses are worth more.
    Why lie so much? If your motives are good, why always lie and cheat? Why manipulate Troy voters? Why?

  8. your confusion..lumping the the TEA PARTY ,located inside the Polish Cultural center,early known as the HOMe of the "mean" republicans,,with the small 'r' republicans,located inside of the Troy Chamber of Commence, then Talking about the TCU group is really hard to follow.
    But the people in TROY, believe the Democrats run TROY and some of old mayors and now council people are still live-ing off TROY. and until you have been thru court and defend your ideas in COURT,,as I have and many others,,you will pushed out the talks ,because of the fear of pointless law suits.

  9. Marv, why am I confused? Janice Daniels is the founder of the Troy Tea Party Patriots and a spokesperson/leader of TCU. That's why I confuse the two.

  10. And by the way, I don't think I confuse anyone. I name the people I talk about. I tell my name. I defend the Republicans smeared by Glenn Clark. I defend the Republicans smeared by Janice Daniels in her Oakland Press article, too --
    And BTW...Sue, who writes here often ain't no Dem, that's for sure.

  11. Anonymous--apparently it got lost in ether, as mine did the other day. Just so you know, I have had to approved every comment you've made. After all this, why would I stop now?

  12. Both Glenn Clark and his good friend Bob Gosselin are despicable human beings who will do anything and I mean ANYTHING to get someone elected or to get a ballot issue approved. The one thing that is most confusing to me is why would anyone vote to elect someone like Bob Gosselin...arrested for soliciting a prostitute, arrested for exposing himself in public (twice), arrested for felonious assault, and twice tried to use his position as a member of the Troy City Council to get out of a ticket one time by telling the officer a blatant lie.

    Is this the kind of people we want representing us...I sure don't

    Randy Husk
    former councilman City of Troy 1978-1996. Check and see how much the city's millage rate went down during that time....see who the real tax fighters were.