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Monday, January 24, 2011

Another silly thing Ms. Daniels said

Complaining about the Kempen Initiative being sent to Oakland County Circuit Court for clarification, and that it's taking so long, Daniels said about our city attorney, "It would seem to me she could have sent an urgent request for clarification, with a mandate for a response within [the city's] 30-day limit that is unambiguously defined in the [Troy city] charter. Even a sitting judge, with all due respect, doesn't have the authority to ignore the city charter at will."
Really? But, apparently that judge does indeed have the authority and our city attorney does NOT have the authority to tell an Oakland County Circuit Court judge what to do.
Is this person really going to run for office in Troy?


  1. IF she were to run... not getting my vote

    'Not Dave Lambert'.. anonymous

  2. Ms Daniels uses big words and twisted concepts to impress those who believe she is very educated on the issues . She is not. I know those big words and she says "goggle gum" and most of it does not make any analytical sense .

  3. She did run for council once but never showed up or had any literature or signs . She only meant to confuse the voters and she did because a good candidate loss by very few votes