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Thursday, December 16, 2010

Who is Janice Daniels?

from Sharon
Incomprehensibly, Janice Daniels has been given yet another Guest Opinion piece in The Oakland Press. Ultimately, it's probably a good thing. No doubt she is going to run for city council in Troy. She is a public figure, as the Co-founder of the Troy Tea Party and a leader of Troy Citizens United and a desciple of Councilman Howrylak, who gushes his praises at every city council meeting. It's good to know what and how she thinks.
So, speaking of incomprehensible, let's see what she has to say...
The essay is called, "We need to fight terrorism without giving up our rights"
It's about the silly scare back in early December that airport officials could see us naked in those scanners. Yup, she actually says that.
The opening paragraph:
Not only do we have the legitimate fear of an airline terrorist attack, we are just as likely to suffer anxiety at our airports from the fear of groping and naked exposure by the TSA. The look on the faces of all law-abiding United States citizen travelers should be one of dismay, if not outright anger for this carte blanche intrusion on the privacy of law abiding citizens.
We dummies don't know how bad we've got it, she says.
A large segment of the United States citizenry is apathetic, submissive and condescending to anyone who sees these new and intrusive techniques to be an abridgment of our right to keep our own persons safe from unwarranted search and seizure. 
We must look for real life solutions that will balance the absolute need for national security at a time of war with the inalienable protection afforded legal citizens by the Fourth Amendment to the United States Constitution, which is the part of the Bill of Rights designed to protect us by requiring judicial sanction and probable cause before we are ever searched.
OK. That's fine. So how does she recommend we change this problem so nobody sees our generic nude outlines? To her credit, it's not by racial profiling. Rather, 
Janice Daniels thinks the solution is to let the officials dig into our private backgrounds every time we buy an airplane ticket.

Whenever a ticket is purchased through any of the major airlines, each passenger already provides enough information about themselves to allow a thorough vetting of our travel history, our criminal background, our residency and our tendency to subversion before ever knowing the color of our skin or our religious affiliations.
What does "our tendency to subversion?" mean? I mean, not just the grammatical incomprehensibility of the writing, but the THINKING?
And just how would the big, evil government decide whether I am a subversive type? Because I read a magazine that the government doesn't like? Because I joined a certain club in college? Because I'm anti-TCU?
I, for one, would prefer to have some cartoonish image of my body prove that I'm not carrying a gun on an airplane, than to have some government office dig into my life to decide whether I'm "subversive" or not.
Does Janice Daniels think before she writes?
Are these the types of grand ideas she has in store for Troy?
Does The Oakland Press read her drivel before they print it?


  1. As I commented in the Oakland Press to this, I look pretty much like every other woman my age but my background is mine alone. I don't want the TSA nosing around my life just because I want to take a vacation.

  2. Ask Janice if we should do the same thorough background check on anyone buying a gun and I bet the answer is "no". But, background checks on travelers are ok . . . . . .

  3. I always feel like I should have an exorcism in my family room after she appears on TV at council meetings. Creepy.

  4. What in the--WHAT?!? She has outdone herself now. I think the problem here is that she has WAY too much time on her hands. Who in the world sits and thinks, "Hmm...I think I'll write an op ed having to do with the AUDACITY of AIRPORT SECURITY to make sure that MY FELLOW PASSENGERS are safe"? For Pete's sake. I really need to keep myself in check here to make sure I don't go on a complete tirade. This woman is absolutely psychotic.

  5. You proclaimation says only relevant comments will be posted. None of the above are relevant, only contrived diatribe to make your own agenda look better. Pretty disgusting, in my view. Troy cannot continue in the Schilling business as usual (deceit) mode. You suckered us on the library vote, we cannot continue in a Robin B mode (aka Schilling clone).

  6. Anon -- this is not my diatribe - it is Ms. Daniels' many diatribes linked together.
    And if you thin Robin B is a Schilling clone then you must not live here or watch any council meetings, because half they time they look about ready to kill each other.
    When people speak of the "4" council members they claim are, well, faulty in whatever way, they have NEVER included Robin. Robin is the ONLY moderate/independent on the council, who votes completely independently.
    She also voted NO on the budget that you all argue was meant to close the library.
    What the heck do you have against her?