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Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Still talking about Mr. Howrylak's letter

from Sharon
At last night's Troy City Council meeting a gentleman named Tom again asked Mr. Howrylak about the letter he wrote assuring Troy voters that Proposal 1 would force citizens to pay for all of our publicly owned library assets a second time. The man asked, wasn't that untrue? 
At the last meeting, Mr. Howrylak said that people were simply "reading too much into" his letter.
This time he said, "I never said they'd have to pay 'double'."
His responses to these questions are incredibly disingenuous. He said we would have to "find a library." A woman said to me in a public restroom that the Proposal 1 was terrible because we would have to buy a new library. So, the letter worked.
Kempen, Howrylak, Witt and Gosselin -- the Masters of Disinformation.
Below is a repeat of my post on the issue in the last days leading up to the election. Following that is a copy of the actual letter.
I can assure you that when we saw the letter, those of us trying desperately to save the library were heartbroken by this deceitful letter that was the final nail in our library's coffin.
Also in the letter Mr. Howrylak stated that Ed Kempen's poorly-written, single-sentence petition was a far better plan than Proposal 1. 
Proposal 1 had 140 years of legal precedent and full funding. 
Kempen's petition had a sentence - no funding and insufficient understanding of libraries and law to have any binding power at all.
Troy was duped. 
And until people understand that we are doomed to repeat the mistakes of the past and these two will be running city council next year.

Previous post + actual letter below:
In a move that has earned him a special city council meeting at which other members will apparently attempt to censure him, Troy City Councilman Martin Howrylak has sent out a letter to tell Troy residents to vote AGAINST a citizen-sponsored initiative to save our library.
According to coverage in the Oakland Press, his key point is as follows:

"The current library facility, books, computers, etc. are and will be property of the city of Troy, therefore, any new library district will need to find a building, buy books, computers, etc.,” and “property owners will thus end up paying twice for one library.
But we have been told that other cities undergoing this transformation, simply lease these things to the new library or sell them for a dollar or some minor amount. Why would Mr. Howrylak threaten to allow our precious assets to mold away in a closed library? Why would he threaten to not release our assets to us, should Proposal 1 pass?
Perhaps Mr. Howrylak doesn't understand that the city's assets don't belong to him or to city council. They belong to the people. Who is he to stand in the people's way, to subvert our will if we choose to keep our library open with our own books and building?
Would he be happier if the books are never touched again and the building crumbles to bits, unused?
This is astonishing.
Of course he claims we can just sign the mandate, but here are the reasons it won't work.
Ever since I started working with the Citizens to Save the Troy Public Library I have been telling people there would be some October Surprise, some last-minute piece of ugly political garbage they would throw at us.
And here you have it, courtesy Mr. Martin Howrylak.
Please vote YES on Proposal 1 to Save our Library.
Write to all council people here to let them know how you feel about this.


  1. Martin "I still live with Daddy" Howrylak speaks the truth! He never said they'd have to pay "double." If you read the letter carefully he said that property owners would thus end up paying "twice" for one library. I'm sure that Marty would argue that paying "twice" does not necessarily mean the same thing as paying "double" but if you read it in the context of the entire letter it is certainly implied and it's that implication that served his purpose. Oh how the dishonest love a good game of semantics.

  2. Honestly ... here's the thing. He is either a conniving, deceiving, political operative, or ... well, I can't put it any other way, stupid. Either way, I'm overwhelmed with frustration at his behavior. It is reprehensible and unforgivable.