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Friday, December 10, 2010

Some day our library will be saved?

from Dawn 
I am very intrigued by reading the posts at Keep Troy Strong.  I keep trying
to think of other options and imagining what life will be like in Troy
without a library.  Here's a scenario that just entered my little brain.
April 30th rolls around and the City Council truly was not able to locate
the funds to keep the library in the budget.  They weren't lying.  The
revenue just wasn't there.  So, the library closes and we all return our
checked out books by the correct date.  
Out of the 15,000  (or whatever the number was) people that voted NO, only a small percentage really don't care if we have a library or not.  These are the EXTREME TCU folks (some living in those homes valued at over $500,000!).  So the portion of the 15,000 that
were fooled by the Kempen petition and Howrylak letter are now realizing that they were lied to and they really want the library.  
In addition, many other people in Troy are realizing that Troy without a library is a huge mistake, and they are regretting that they did not vote.   I also have a hope (maybe it's unrealistic) that with our diverse population, those that care about our city and education and culture and quality of life will consider getting their citizenship so that they can vote.   I'm not sure how many of those folks are out there, but wouldn't it be great if there were a
couple thousand that could make a difference. 
I'm not sure how long the library can sit with all the books intact (six
months, one year???)  Then I'm hoping that everyone gives the Troy Library
one more chance with one more millage proposal in the near future.  This
time, the library is saved. 

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