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Saturday, December 4, 2010

So How Does This All Add Up???

By Sue...AGAIN...

What do the numbers mean, then?

-- We can't have a full-service city with a continued loss of revenue. We TIED THE HANDS of our city council and prevented them from raising taxes to pay for a full-service city in 2008 with a Charter Amendment.

-- TCU spearheaded that charter amendment that ties the hands of the council and prevents them from raising taxes to fund a full-service city without voter approval for a tax increase.

-- Property tax values are DOWN and businesses have left Troy. We have LESS REVENUE to pay for a full-service city.

-- TCU is spearheading another Charter Amendment to force the city to fund a library WITHOUT new revenue.

-- Without revenue, we cannot have a full-service city.

I guess the question is this: do you want a full-service city? What MORE are you willing to lose?

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