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Wednesday, December 8, 2010

One Way or Another???

This week we received a glimpse of the kind of city Troy is becoming under the current revenue shortfalls from which we suffer.

Councilwoman Robin Beltramini shared some interesting thoughts on a possible future for our library during the latest city council meeting. She mentioned changing legislation to turn the Troy Public Library into a sort of “pay for play” entity. She admits this would cause the grave loss of valuable services now guaranteed by a truly public library. It could mean replacing existing and experienced personnel with outsourced employees. It could mean the end of reciprocity with other libraries.

Simply put…it could completely change the face of the library as we know it.

Respectfully, Mrs. Beltramini, a great many of us in this community don't want a library "one way or another," as you stated. We want OUR library the way we know it...the award winning library that we deserve. The TPL has served and sustained this community for over 40 years and was made great BY THE CITIZENS.

We do not want the library to be redefined as an outcome of the troubling political landscape that is Troy.

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