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Friday, December 31, 2010

My wish for 2011

from Sharon
I hope that Troy citizens will begin to understand that we can't have a decent city for free. 
As our property taxes continue to plummet and our millage rate stays locked arbitrarily at 9.1 mills, we will continue to lose the city services that made Troy a desirable city.
If, in 2011, we elect the folks who have worked so hard to starve our city of revenue to rule for the next few years, Troy will have no library, no amenities, no police force, no skilled employees, and no hope for our kids' futures. 
Those who seem hell-bent on destroying Troy to save themselves a few bucks are
  • Martin Howrylak
  • Ed Kempen
  • Janice Daniels
  • Glenn Clark
  • Tom Burke
  • the whole gang at Troy Citizens United, and
  • the man behind the curtain, pulling all those political strings, prompting all those lies and political dirty tricks--Bob Gosselin.
Elect them, or even trust them, at Troy's peril.
(I'm baaa-aaaack!)


  1. Glad to see you back! Happy New Year! I just can't believe that these people are doing all this to save a few bucks. It is a planned takeover - one city at a time. A reign of terror is coming to Troy. I hope people wake up before it is too late and we've lost everything.

  2. //don't forget the Witts. They are part of this fiasco.

  3. What a bunch of crock. So if we don't raise the millage taxes, we'll lose all our services. Yea, talk about lunatic scare tactics. What you don't realize is that higher taxes are killing our cities, states and the country.

    We already pay most of our money in taxes. Apparently, that is not enough to feed on. What ever happened to limited government. We need to the cut the salaries in half of all city and state government employees starting at the top.

    We should lock in the taxes at the current rate and eliminate raising taxes based on property values. Government needs to responsive to the residents, not dictate to to residents. This whole this is turned upside down.

    Hope we can bring some common sense back to the government and elect officials that consider it to be a service, not a career and a growth path.

  4. How are "higher" taxes killing our cities.
    Troy already has locked its taxes at the rate we had in 2008, before the property values began to freefall here. That's why there's no money. That's why, as of April 30 there will be no library. You get what you pay for. You don't get what you don't pay for.

  5. Well, let's see what the new governor has up his sleeve. State, and city government workers had better sit up and take notice.