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Friday, December 3, 2010

Our Vision Needs to Change

by Sue

For about a month now, I've been heartsick...angry...obsessed...vindictive...angry...resentful...bitter...angry. Do we sense a pattern here?

For about a month, I've been compelled like never before to do things never done before. I stood at the podium at a city council meeting, hands shaking, to express my feelings to a weary council. I was joined by other heartsick residents. I was called an "angry woman!" by a ranting angry woman.

For about a month, I've been writing diatribe after diatribe, spewing my venom and anger at oppositional forces -- where it belongs, but where it is falling deaf ears.

For about a month, my vision has been clouded by all of this. Ironic, too, for it was about a month ago when my eyes were fully OPENED to all of this.

So now, with the year drawing to a close (perhaps the saddest year in Troy's political history), I'm sensing that I need a change of vision. I need to redirect that anger, refocus my actions, and refine my writing.

We need to have a new conversation, people. We ALL need to have a new conversation.

Rather than tear down our city leaders, we need to build them up with our confidence that they have our best interests in mind.
Rather than treat each other with animosity, we need to try to see each other's points.
Rather than harp on failed initiatives, we need to look for new solutions.
Rather than sensationalize and disinform, we need to make sure we are DILIGENT with fact sharing.

Our children are watching our examples. Our neighbors and colleagues are watching our movements. I want my children and neighbors to be proud of me for fighting for the Troy we all know and love. I want our schools to return to and stay at the level of excellence all students deserve. I want our city services restored and improved.

An old boyfriend once accused me of wanting the fairy tale. He was right. I grew up in the fairy tale, and I want it back for my own children.

Let's change our vision. Are you willing to try?


  1. I understand how you feel. I was so sure Proposal I would pass that I had been in a state of shock and then anger too. I didn't realize the strength of the opposition. Nor the deception that would take place.
    You have been very brave to speak before the council and have this web site. Thank you.
    I think you are right. We have to move on. We do need to do more than just vilify the Troy City Council as so many have done.
    Keep writing and keep posting.
    Someone told me there were libraries in heaven--lets hope there will always be one in Troy.

  2. I am so with you! Anger can be a positive thing, especially when it gets expressed -- as you have done -- and then channeled. I AM WITH YOU!

  3. Just to clarify...I take no credit for this blog! Sharon merely allows me to submit pieces when I feel so led.

    Many others have done so much more than I have.

    But I'm just revving up...

  4. The real voice of Troy is awakenng to speak! Now we have to unite and generate action.

  5. Till the city is a "no"votes problem.