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Saturday, December 4, 2010

More numbers for your consideration...

By Sue...

Myth: Over the last several days, I've heard people state that "Troy has the highest taxes around!"

Fact: Troy has the lowest millage rate in Oakland County as compared to other FULL-SERVICES cities.

Myth: Back to the "highest taxes!" fallacy...many will then tell you to divide tax revenue by number of households to prove how high our taxes are.

Fact: 45% of our taxes come from businesses, not households. If you take out the taxes paid by businesses in Troy, we pay the lowest taxes of any other FULL SERVICE city in Oakland County.

Still not convinced? Go look here for the data from our county.
Pages 2-5 compare the millage rates of ALL cities...remember to compare apples-apples: full service city compared to full service city. Here are the highlights for you:

Troy 9.2800

Rochester Hills ** 9.3700

Novi 10.5416

Auburn Hills 10.5602

Bloomfield 11.1200

Farmington Hills 11.6072

Royal Oak 11.6860

Birmingham 14.2221

South Lyon 16.0601

Farmington 15.4019

Southfield 16.3428

Northville 16.3650

Clarkston 17.8556

Madison Heights 18.0021

Pleasant Ridge 18.2328

** Does not pick up trash

1 comment:

  1. it's not the tax rate it's more what troy DOES with the taxes,,
    Example..according 2 DETROIT news. May 5,2009..TOOK control a $900k solar house..broke weeks after brought..last night city agenda item k-02a..TROY is buying the solar house again??
    this very expensive MISTAKE cost Troy a brunch.but no complains.