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Wednesday, December 8, 2010

A milestone

Yesterday this blog passed its 10,000th page view. Not bad since we just started at the end of October.
Thank you for reading.
If you have information for future posts, would like to help us take back Troy or would like to post, please write us at
We truly need to take Troy back from the folks who care about nothing about Troy except the level of taxes they pay--especially their leader, Mr. Howrylak, who has paid about $8 in taxes to the City of Troy this year. Yes, $8.00.
We must spread the word that the Troy Citizens United/TCU, are the same people who lead the mission to cap our taxes in 2008 and take us down the road to ruin we are now on. They are the same people who today have the ironic gall to demand the city council give us a library with no funding. Why are they so shortsighted? Why so greedy?
They are a very small group of people, but they are loud and threatening and active.
We need to tell the people of Troy the truth:
Amenities DO matter.
Libraries, real public libraries with staff and public spaces and materials, DO matter.
Protecting our property values DOES matter.
People who feel free to lie and cheat and disinform the public ARE wrong. And we must not allow them to destroy Troy.
Join us.

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