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Saturday, December 11, 2010

The latest TCU mailing

from Sharon, 139 days before the library closes

If you look in the dictionary at the word "disingenuous" you would likely see a picture of the Troy Citizens United leadership, starring Janice Daniels.
Every time I went to a city council meeting before the election, Ms. Daniels was there in full regalia, huffing and puffing that Troy doesn't need no stinking library. Many of us are still quoting her brilliant line, "As a real estate agent I can tell you, no one moving into Troy ever asks if we have a library, they only care about the taxes." (I hope she always tells them that we have the lowest tax rate in Oakland County -- unless you include crappy cities, which Troy--thanks to Ms. Daniels--will soon become).
Daniels also made fun of those of us who begged people to vote yes on Proposal 1 for our children's sake. She and Burke loved to joke about how we library fans kept talking about "children" in order to pull at folks' heartstrings. Apparently they don't know that libraries are relevant to both property values and children's education.
In the TCU's current mailer, which claims to be from a group called "Save Our Library" but uses Janice Daniels's PO Box as a return address, the TCU leadership calls city council members anti-library. What a stitch.
The TCU was anti-library ALL SUMMER LONG. Trust me, I know. I saw, up close, the lies and dirty tricks they played to ensure the defeat of Proposal 1.
Mr. Howrylak promised he had a plan, but then sputtered nonsensically every time he was asked what his plan might be. Did Daniels, Howrylak, Burke, or Kempen have any plan to keep the library open in the spring or summer? No.  Martin Howrylak missed every budget study session back in the spring, as a matter of fact. They didn't care then and they don't care now.
Here's the truth. City council voted on a budget that did not include the library, in order to balance the budget with shrinking resources. Then the TCU robbed us of the only workable chance to save it.
Whether they look at the budget today or in January, there's no pot o' gold hiding behind a rainbow.
The TCU is using the library to make political hay, plain and simple.
Daniels, Howrylak, Burke, Kempen and Co point fingers in every direction, making claims as to who is to blame for the library's imminent closure.
If only they would point at themselves. Then, for a change, they would be correct.

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