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Saturday, December 4, 2010

The Issue in Numbers

By Sue...

One of my goals, as stated yesterday, is to be DILIGENT with sharing truth in this matter. I want the silent majority of citizens to be well aware of what the facts of the issue are. I want the "sheeple" (thanks, you know who, for that lovely term!) who so easily follow the pied piper down the lane of misinformation to actually have *SUPPORTED EVIDENCE with which to choose their next step.

Here are some of the numbers so very important to the library issue...

Proposal 1 was thoroughly researched, well thought out, grounded in precedence, and provided a sound, lasting solution for at least 10 years. It would have cost the average homeowner about $100-150 a year, or about $2/week.

Over 15,000 voters actually went to the polls and voted in favor of it.

Troy Citizens Unit and Edward Kempen authored a petition with a brief statement demanding “a” library for not less than 55 hours a week. There was no talk of how to fund it, what line items to eliminate to fund it, and for how long it would guarantee funding.

Fewer than 2,500 certifiable (no pun intended) citizens signed it.

Many of those 15,000 voters also voted NO on the three baseless proposals because they knew they were mere political trickery.

Mr. Edward Kempen states, with regard to his petition signed by fewer than 2,500 certifiable citizens, that “the vast majority of the community” supports his petition.


The Troy Public Library receives approximately 15,000 visitors a week. The REAL Friends of the TPL have a fifty year history at the library. Over 70 volunteers work at the library WEEKLY.

TCU and Mr. Edward Kempen state that it took “several weeks” to collect fewer than 2500 certifiable signatures. The “Friends of the TPL With No New Taxes” has a several month history. They needed over 40 volunteers to collect fewer than 2500 certifiable signatures. Each one found fewer than 70 people to agree with them.

Now, I teach language arts. I’m no statistician.

But those numbers don’t quite add up to me. I don’t quite see how the “vast majority” of the community is in support of something that has fewer than 2500 certifiable signatures that took weeks to collect by over 40 volunteers.

Do you?

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