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Tuesday, December 7, 2010

The Great Divide

From Sue...

There is much dismay to be shared in the city of Troy regarding the divisive nature of the closing of our library. What may not be so apparent to the public is that the division emanates from members of our council. The latest meeting served only to further expose that deepening crack.

During the latest meeting, we heard testimony that council has very often reached unanimous consensus in (open) council sessions on many important issues, giving each other the impression of mutual agreement. Later on, however, certain council members choose to grandstand and show dissent during formal voting processes. Specifically, Councilwoman Kerwin shared that for MONTHS, the council discussed budget options. After finally reaching an accord in favor of Option 1, they came to the public vote.

Suddenly, three members voted 'no.' Three members who can be re-elected voted 'no.' Those are the three who chose to use our library as the pawn it is today. They chose to use it a a pawn in favor of saving their own political careers in Troy...and perhaps beyond?

I find that revelation extremely disturbing. Indeed, week after week, audience members can watch Councilman Martin Howrylak object like a petulant child to motion after motion, drawing attention to himself and his picayune comments. I am quite sure that Mr. Howrylak would say this is all in the name of working for the good of the citizenry, but the citizenry is not so easily fooled.

Shenanigans on council are frequent. During one recent meeting, Councilwoman Beltramini interrupted another council member and involved her in a verbal scuffle. Yet another councilman has had to address Mr. Howrylak with a need to speak to him "man to man" in private regarding Mr. Howrylak’s antics. All of this serves as example of the inner cracks that are beginning to fracture our community.

I have always been proud to have grown up in Troy...until now. Today, I am heartsick about the state of my once-great city. Some on our council seem to be working hard to continue its decline. I challenge them now to redirect their focus toward that with which they are charged: to serve our city to the best of their ability for the greater good of ALL OF US.

Your citizenry is watching. And we're not amused.

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