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Thursday, December 9, 2010

The Gosselins gave quite generously to the anti-Proposal 1 campaign

from Sharon
On Monday night Tom Burke also beamed with pride that the Citizens to Save the Troy Public Library spent many times more to try to save the library than the TCU spent to try to close it. He compared TCU to David in a David and Goliath battle.
Creepy, huh?
But let's take a little look at the legal documents that show who donated what, shall we? They are here.
Bob Gosselin is an Oakland County Commissioner who has a very expensive house here in Troy and apparently lots of money to throw against the library. (Also had a little trouble with the law not so long ago--see Wikipedia or here)
I reported earlier that Gosselin gave $500 to TCU to fight against Proposal 1, which would have saved our library.
Now I see by looking at the recent public filings from the election that his wife gave another $500 to fight saving the library and his daughter gave yet ANOTHER $500. They all live at that same $750,000 house in Troy.
How interesting. 
These two ladies are 1) a homemaker and 2) an assistant manager at a sandwich shop. Whose money was it really?
Why are the rich people so dead set against our library?
I worked my butt off to save our library, but my family certainly couldn't afford to give $1500 to the effort. Nor did we have the power and political knowledge to mess with politics in Troy the way Gosselin does.
As things are looking a bit grim for my husband's small business, we have been relying more and more on the library in a rough economy.
Excellent sources say that Bob Gosselin was the political operative that put those fake proposals on the ballot -- a blatant dirty trick.
I spent 100s of hours knocking on doors. Gosselin spent a few minutes messing with our ballot. Now, who is David? Who is Goliath?
So we ask why?
Why does Bob Gosselin hate the library so much that he will pay $1500 to fight against it?


  1. As I said and tried to explain to the last few BLOGs..Troy was founded by 4 families.and ya better KNOW those REason the mayor was so quick in2 puting a lose-ing PPO on me,to Scace me,,informing the public,whose those families R,and explain how those families still run Troy and other cities in Oakland county.