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Thursday, December 23, 2010

The general idea...

From Sue...

IN GENERAL...those on the right side of the aisle are in favor of tax cuts like those President Obama just extended. I'll add my name to that list, thank you very much. That extra 3% in our paychecks is needed and appreciated.

IN GENERAL...those on the left don't like those tax cuts. They wish that the highest earners in our society would pay more.

I've always wondered at the audacity of someone telling another how much they were entitled to make and keep. Is it jealousy? Bitterness over poor personal choice of vocation? Low self-esteem?? I just don't agree with the sentiment that simply because one is positioned well and makes more than I do that one should have to pay a higher tax than I do. On THAT BASIS ALONE, it does sound a lot more like jealousy to me.

So take the public servant; many studies show that IN GENERAL, even though base salary is often lower in the public sector than the private, benefits tend to be better. Now, being upset with alleged fat benefit packages I can see...I've experienced self-employment and paying for our own benefits. I've been shut out of benefit packages because of not being a full-time employee. And I've seen benefits from employers being ratcheted down inch by inch gradually until finally...we wonder how anyone can afford to live on what's left.

I understand that it's tricky when it's a public servant employee, too...because my taxes pay for their salary and benefits. IN GENERAL...I think many public servants have reaped the rewards of this, especially during fat economies. It's understandable when the common worker, who has lost so much these last several years, looks at some of the public servant packages and wishes we had the same.

What ISN'T understandable is to then apply all these GENERALIZATIONS to specific cases where it is not warranted.

Time and again, day after day...all anyone in Troy hears is how overpaid our city employees are. John Szerlag has to justify over and over how his salary is warranted even though he also happens to collect a pension from the city. Janice Daniels of the Troy Tea Party/Troy Citizens United continues to call for an "across the board" cut of wages, benefits, perks, etc., to make way for "fiscal responsibility."

Perhaps she didn't hear Councilwoman Kerwin recently when she stated that we could just outright CUT COMPLETELY the twenty or so top paid employees in the city and we STILL wouldn't have enough to fund a library. Perhaps she's ranting so loudly she hasn't heard Mr. Szerlag state over and over again that the city HAS CUT wages, has renegotiated packages as they come up for renewal, and has cut the employee base. Oh, and how his salary costs the city less than just about any other city manager we could have hired.

And by the way...not every city employee is over paid, has a car allowance, or is getting excessive benefit packages. Many are part-time and hourly and get nothing beyond wages. Should they, too, receive "across the board!" cuts?

Would Janice Daniels want to work for what she's proposing? Or is she -- a realtor -- jealous and bitter because the real estate market is so off that she's been losing ground in a commission based vocation?

My understanding is that someone like Janice Daniels and those with which she stands are against someone else making decisions for them about how they have to spend their money and how much they have to give back. Who, then, gives them the right to tell Troy city employees that they are too well paid how much they should have to give back?

That sounds a lot like the complaints I hear every day against Mr. Obama and the Democrats. And if I'm right, then IN GENERAL, that is some fine twist of irony right there.


  1. Oakland press dec. 23..Diamond store enlarges,in Troy,as Troy is lose-ing the library..Mayor is right,,it's the greed of the TROYites', money is no problem.

  2. I am sure Timothy McVey started out with sentiments like Ms. Daniels. What people like her are inciting is very scary. Being in the market for another house because she and her friends are destroying Troy, I would never use her as an agent and I don't know anyone who would. How can you be against "community" and try to sell houses? A total contridiction!

  3. I almost always agree with your posts, Sue. But not this one. I am not jealous, envious, bitter, etc. at not been wealthy. I am happy and comfortable in my middle class life. I don't need more than I have. However, the tax cuts for the rich rile me. The middle class is being squeezed out. Who will suffer for this? Not the wealthy. There is no "shared sacrifice". Who will pay for this tax cut? Maybe grandma and grandpa, who will see their social security or medicare cut. If I were wealthy, I surely wouldn't mind paying an extra 3 percent. Just as I wouldn't mind paying more to keep all our services in Troy. And I AM bitter about what has happened here.

  4. Do not get me wrong...I would gladly have paid for an increased Troy millage, too. Indeed, my tax cut would have helped pay for it. ;)

  5. Don't share holders have a say in how the corporation is run? (or at least a right to say how they feel it should be run.)

    Isn't the city similar to a corporation and its citizen's the similar to share holders.

  6. I just don't agree with your assessment of those "on the left". It is such a sweeping generalization. Like I said above, I am not jealous, envious, sorry for the path I chose in life. I am none of those things. And I have no problem with tax cuts for 98 percent of us. I am just saying that someone will take a hit to begin to reduce the deficit. Why should it not be the people who can most afford it and probably not even notice it. Why should it be those who can't afford it? Why should people be made to suffer? Although, I will say that if there was ever a time in my life that I wish my bank account reflected a little more wealth, this is it. I would get the heck out of Troy as fast as I could.

  7. Exxon Mobil and General Electric paid $0 US Federal Income Taxes last year on pre-tax earnings of $56.5Billion.

  8. This country is falling apart and losing out to countries like China. In America's heyday the top tax bracket was 80-90%. Now it's 30-something. That's why we have no money to invest in what is perfectly normal in other countries--high-speed rail, national power grid, greener industry and on and on. Ya can't have a serious country with a future-bound infrastructure when the rich get nothing but presents from government.
    The rich will do great. Their grandkids will be also-rans.
    Is that what we want?