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Monday, December 6, 2010

First they want to shut down 8th best library in the country, now what?

by Sharon
I'm hearing rumblings that the end goal of the TCU "budget plan" is to dump Troy's Police Department and contract with the Oakland County Sheriff to take care of our security/safety needs.
If you're going to starve one of the country's best library's to death, why not take the safest city in the state of our size and outsource our protection to an over-burdened sheriff's department?
Here's the argument that keeps appearing in The Oakland Press's comments
"Perhaps, a contract with the Sheriff for police services would save enough to fund the library." 
"The biggest item in the Troy budget is the police. Pontiac appears to be saving money by contracting with the Sheriff. This avenue ought to be seriously explored by Troy. It seems that only small percentage savings in the police or city manager budgets would provide adequate funding for the library."
Such an interesting plan -- take what is best about Troy and destroy it -- hurt our property values, demean employees, make us the laughing stock of Oakland County and fail to protect and educate our children. 
Why do we need to have the lowest tax rate in Oakland County, people?
Why do we follow the very people who wish to destroy everything about Troy that made it great????
Couldn't these folks just move to Hazel Park or Alabama and leave us alone?


  1. If they don't move, I might have to.

  2. Sadly, I feel the same way. I don't want to move, but just may have to. I have always suspected that dumping the police department was the goal. Is somebody at TCU buddy-buddy with Bouchard?

  3. Anyone wanting to contract with the Sheriffs for "cost savings" best do some research first!
    Royal Oak Twp has announced their plans to dump their contract with the Sheriffs to save money.
    The questions regarding the financial savings of the Sheriff contract in Rochester Hill grow by the year.
    Personally I don't think that TCU wants to eliminate the police department, but I do agree that there does seem to be a few vocal persons who keep beating the drum on the topic.

  4. It's not a police's the style of Goverment over-site. Michigan is one of the last states that does not used a county wide "areas' of the services Each city provides.
    As more as more people "from" these areas of the country come to Michigan,,the pressure to form either associations of services of the surrounding cities,,where PHIL Neslen went,, or suffer a slow painful death..the "bloomfield's r in a mergeing areas of many services now.
    Clawson police use TROY,,TROY uses McComb county,,OC's now in Pontiac and Clarkston.Warren police use Troy weapon range.many Fire people uses TROY super fire training areas,,and TROY's manintance dept makes a profit.