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Friday, December 17, 2010

Don't Go Away Mad...Just Go Away

From Sue...who would like to preface this with the announcement that yes, I call people names below...

Probably the most common insult hurled at anyone upset with the
outcome of the last two ballot measures is that we are “crying” over
our misfortune. It is said patronizingly, with rancor, as though we
are sniveling losers who cannot face reality.

We’re also called babies, sore-losers, told we’re eating sour
grapes…you name it, and it’s hurled at anyone in favor of increased
revenue to sustain what used to be a full-service city.

Members of Troy Citizens United, supporters of their ideals, and other
citizens are hurling these names. They stand up at council meetings or post online
like chest-pounding gorillas, vociferating with ire at the “angry
women” who come and express unhappiness with what has transpired.
They call the council evil and disparaging names. They cry foul every
single time someone points out an error in their thinking or
mathe-magic, telling us we just don’t get it…we’re too stupid or na├»ve
to understand…we’re tax-and-spenders, taxocrats and downright

They want us to shut up...go away..."accept the will of the people."

Well, guess what? It's not the will of quite a lot of people. And wanting us to be quiet about it is suspect. One has to ask...WHY DO YOU WANT US TO SHUT UP?

Of what are you afraid?

Are we getting close to uncovering something?

In the same breath, these proud citizens...guardians of our tax
dollars...chest-pounding gorillas...are whining like sniveling babies
about every single cut the city is making, calling it “punishment.”

For weeks and months and years, they’ve been calling for fiscal
responsibility. They’ve been asking the city to make “tough
decisions.” They’ve wanted a decreased governmental structure. They
refuse to ante up for anything, claiming poverty.

But give them one snow fall to realize what Troy has now become, and they're unhappy. They're crying. They're sniveling. They're claiming conspiracy in every move made by the city, the road commission, Mother Nature herself, probably! Wouldn't surprise me to hear one of them intimate that she was somehow bribed by the city government!

You know that old saw..."be careful what you ask might get it"?

Guess what? You got just what you asked for. Suck it up and stop
whining now, you cry-baby sore-winners.

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