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Friday, December 3, 2010

Councilman Howrylak had his good moments

This was from before I lived in Troy when the real wackos were in charge.
And I'd like to remind the people of Troy that many of the bad decisions they blame current city council for were actually made by these yahoos, like Broomfield, Lambert and Eisenbacher. Of course they are still operating behind the curtain in Troy - unfortunately.
I mean, we needed a marriage Troy?
As a Libertarian, this is how Mr. Howrylak should respond. Freedom to live your life. Government supplies security. How'd he get so wrong on the library?? Listening to TCU waaaay too much...

Troy City Council passes marriage resolution
By D'Anne Witkowski
Pride Source (2003)
The Troy City Council passed a resolution regarding same-sex marriage at its October 6 meeting by a 4 to 3 vote.
Council member Martin Howrylak voted against the measure. "This particular resolution incenses me because we're telling our constituents how to vote on a ballot initiative that isn't even on the ballot yet," he said.
According to Howrylak, the resolution came close to failing. However, the resolution was cut from seven paragraphs to one, which tipped the vote. The final resolution reads:
"Be it resolved that the City Council of the City of Troy supports placing an amendment to the Michigan State Constitution, securing the definition of marriage as exclusively between one man and one woman, before the voters of the State of Michigan."
Gary Glenn, President of AFA Michigan, sent the council an email asking them to propose and support an anti-gay marriage resolution.
The resolution was sponsored by Mayor Pro Tem David Lambert and Councilwoman Cristina Broomfield. Mayor Matt Pryor and Councilman David Eisenbacher also voted for the resolution. Council members Robin Beltramini, Martin Howrylak, and Jeanne Stine voted against it.
Troy thus becomes the sixth local government in the state to adopt a resolution urging lawmakers to place the amendment on the ballot, joining the Sylvan Lake City Council and the Jackson, Lapeer, Monroe, and Oakland county commissions.

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  1. oh my gosh! I had no idea! I wasn't here then either. I even agree with Howrylak on this. Yikes! Such lunacy.