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Monday, December 6, 2010

Calling the Greedy "Greedy"

Troy and the Troy Library are well-run and fiscally responsible, but TCU lies about it to keep their own taxes down
by Sharon
Like everywhere in America, it's many of the rich folk in Troy who don't believe in community amenities. Suddenly libraries are communistic because they serve everyone -- horrors! 
If they have lots of disposable income, they can afford to waste money on constantly buying new books, yet these people but they don't want to pay a few bucks in taxes so the rest of us can go to the library and use books only as needed. The truth is, libraries are one of the best ways a community can pool its money for the good of all. Not to mention that sharing books and other resources is good for the environment.
So, in spite of what the scoundrels tell you, Troy is a well-run, low tax city. Just see the charts below. And remember, our library budget in 2010-2011 is only $2.6 million. 
The folks leading the disinformation campaigns to kill off our amenities live in $700,000 homes (see Troy Citizens United/TCU leadership). That tells you that Troy isn't costing them money, rather their overblown home purchases are more than they could afford. They don't care about the common good. They care about their own wallets.
So think about it -- the rich folks who intentionally disinformed the uninformed middle and prompted them to vote down Proposal 1, are really the fiscally irresponsible ones in Troy, and they are destroying our community because they apparently can't afford their own property taxes. Maybe it's time for them to move?


  1. Thanks, Sharon, for posting this. I'm amazed that people refuse to look at data.

  2. Is there a link to see the home values of the Troy Citizens United/TCU leadership?

  3. Are you interested in seeking truth Dave? Just not when asked to disavow TCU lies, eh? Well, two I know of have 700K houses. And one of those receives a pension from one county while working for another county. Greedy greedy greedy...

  4. Cool - then if you're friends of folks at TCU how about going to their website and looking at all the lies there--like this one:
    Is 220k Mr. Szerlag's salary? Or is it his total compensation package, yet they're comparing it to salaries?

    What is Troy's Government doing now?

    Statewide salaries:
    Michigan Governor
    Oakland County Executive
    Mayor of Detroit
    Troy City Manager
    $220,500 WHY???

  5. Cool, I'm looking for more lies, but they appear to have taken off ones I wrote about recently. I guess I'm having an affect... cool!

    Here's one:
    "Why should our taxes go up at all when our property values are going down? Most citizens would be right to think that their property taxes should go down when their property values go down."

    Maybe due to Headlee? But why would they want to explain that, when dis- and mis-informing is so much more effective?

  6. So, Dave, if you're seeking the truth maybe you could let us know why Mike Redfield and Kathleen O'Laughlin put fake proposals on the ballot? Do you know them? Do you support that action?????
    With TCU any means seem to justify the ends. Is that how you operate?

  7. OK, I just checked their page. No, I don't know Mike Redfield and Kathleen O'Laughlin. And, I did not support their ballot proposals.

    Now, how about the information on the home values of the Troy Citizens United/TCU leadership?

  8. Mr. Lambert, if you seek truth...can you speak to the claims on the TCU flyer found at their website? Can you verify that fewer than 2500 signatures on a petition represents the "vast majority" of the community that Mr. Kempen claims is in support of that petition? Can you share how it is that a millage proposal for .9885 mills equals $86,000,000 as TCU claimed? Can you show me how a zero line item on a budget is considered a windfall?

    That's just the tip of the iceberg. If you could help me find the truth there, I'd appreciate it.

  9. Did you speak out against the fake proposals? NO!
    When good people see evil and do nothing... well, what does it make them?

  10. Same place you can find out my house is worth all of 218K

  11. Dave's got a lot in common with his TCU friends. He doesn't allow open posting on his blog because he's afraid that somebody might post something that conflicts with his fairy tale versions of the truth. If you post anything that shows him to be incorrect or outright dishonest, he won't approve the post. Dave knows exactly how to find out what TCU members houses are worth, but he wants to make it sound like you're hiding something from your readers. If you were wrong about their house values, you can bet that Dave would have posted the information instead of asking you to provide it for him.

  12. Sue: You'll have to ask Mr. Kempen and TCU those questions. Since I voted in favor of Proposal 1 and did not sign Mr. Kempen's petition, I'm sure he's in no mood to share that information with me.

  13. I am tired of this atmosphere in Troy, frankly. Why is it that it is alright to lie about policy. it is alright to lie about other people (or their salary) it is alright to mislead and misinform in the name of politics? It's shameful, and we need a full on attack against the powermongers who want to lead this city into a royal/peasant type of leadership. I hate liars, especially those who hide behind the curtain. Sharon, you are a gift to this city. Thank you for your hard work.

  14. Sadly, Dave, I've asked. He won't answer. Maybe if all of us keep asking louder and louder...we'll expose the sham that is the TCU.

  15. Yes, Sharon. Thank you for speaking up. You are gifted with an ability to assimilate information and communicate it effectively. With no lies!

    My husband and I are still sputtering over the TCU mailer and Howrylak's letter. Moreover, at Howrylak's response at the last Council Meeting about the outright lies in his letter. "I think people are reading more into it ..." What?! As my husband commented back to the television screen: "I read what it said, and it said what I read."

    I think these folks should be so embarrassed by their political tactics they should be apologizing. For Frank Howrylak to say people voted the right way once they saw the "facts," is so crazy. I've been a victim of the TCU's "facts" and how people vote and act when they buy into the world as the TCU sees it. It's so disturbing I can't even describe the environment.

    Thank you for attempting to show the facts and exposing their true colors. I applaud you. These people disgust me and another voice needs to rise up and counter their toxic verbal waste. They are not showing leadership and community spirit. You are. Thank you.

  16. In Fairness to Dave I also moderate this blog, keeping out comments that are unclear or irrelevant to the point of the corresponding post. Dave has let me post to his blog and disagree with him.
    But I did find it sad that he didn't mention his support for Prop 1 until after the election-but that is of curse his right. Yes, no doubt he knows the answer to his question. It is a shame when folks know the lies of TCU but refuse to stand against that behavior.

  17. I love this will make sure of a 'NO'votes 4 a long long TIME.

  18. I went to US Rep Peters office over 5 years ago.and give this man a report of TROY once aweek.still then.he says TROY had over 40 extra police 5 years ago at $100k each=4million$,,X -retirements=2-3 million still..US rep PETERs feels no need to help. said TROY only asked 4 transit money.nothing esle.

  19. Dave, one more thing. The TCU untruths are still on their website in the 4-page mailer that was used against the library
    If you don't recognize the lies, which you should quite easily, they are discussed one-by-one in my October posts.