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Monday, December 13, 2010

Bob Gosselin wants to outsource our safety?

from Sharon
Last week I wrote about murmurings heard among the so-called "Tax Fighter" set, that a good way to save money in Troy would be to outsource public safety to the Oakland County Sheriff.
Then we could be secure like Pontiac.
At today's city council meeting, council members and the police chief said they understand Bob Gosselin has said that would be a fine idea.
Gosselin not only lives in Troy, he is a leader or supporter of Troy Citizens United and attends Tea Party meetings (the two groups have identical leadership), takes credit for the crushing blow of capping our tax mills on his website and takes credit in public for putting the fake library proposals on our ballot to confuse and cheat Troy voters. He is also an Oakland County Commissioner for northern Troy.
He is one of our defacto city leaders even though most people have never heard of him.
Let city council know what you think of him.
What's happening in Troy is Bob Gosselin's vision already. As Troy voters continue to buy into the TCU'/Gosseling/Daniels/Howrylak message and vote their way, our city is falling apart.
Want to continue down this road?

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