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Tuesday, December 7, 2010

And his friends, for goodness sakes!

from Sharon
I know Mr. Howrylak can't be held responsible for his friends, but yikes!
Last night a member of the council's Library Advisory Board, and close personal friend of Mr. Howrylak, revealed herself again as the ONLY member of that board who was against Proposal 1. It made her pretty unpopular on the board, she has admitted previously. Not surprising.
She talked on and on about how Proposal 1 didn't make sense because her board had so little power how could they have possibly been expected to run the independent library Proposal 1 would have set up?
I didn't even understand what she was talking about until someone pointed out that she had it all wrong. She thought the current board was going to run the library, not that we would have a new, professional board, akin to a school board. How could she not have known that?
She was against it because she didn't understand it.

There's another woman who is apparently a friend and colleague of his who runs the Libertarian Party office in Troy. I became acquainted with her because I disagreed with her online that she could not pay a Library Director of a major city like Troy the same wages you would pay a manager of a Border's, as she kept arguing. She referred to our director as "greedy." Then she told ME I should remove my "hate hat" and look at the facts.
The woman said it was time public employees learn to take the same pay as their private counterparts. I argued that you must at least begin with similar jobs--the fact that library directors and Border's managers both touch books at some point in the day isn't a very good argument. She also told me proudly that she was previously mayor pro-tem of St. Clair Shores and a graduate of Walsh College, so I should be looking to her for information. So I looked her up.
And yup, it was immediately apparent that she belongs with the likes of Howrylak, Gosselin, Kempen and Daniels. They have no interest in truth or ethics.
The best part is, when caught by police taking down opponents' lawn signs she said of the officer, “What a pathetic use of this man’s time (the plain-clothes officer) and our hard-earned tax dollars.”
Are these the kooks you want to run your city?

Councilwoman ticketed after removing political signs
By Julie Snyder
C & G Staff Writer
ST. CLAIR SHORES — City Councilwoman Erin Stahl was issued a ticket for disorderly conduct Monday after she was seen removing political signs from lawns in the south end of town, police report.
Stahl reportedly was observed by a plain-clothes police officer in an unmarked car in the area of Pallister, Rosedale and Avalon, said St. Clair Shores Chief of Police Charles Burnett.
“I was advised that there had been several reports from residents about signs being removed, stolen or taken down in that area so I issued a special watch,” Burnett said. “And if something was seen, officers were to take appropriate action.”
Burnett said the plain-clothes police officer was in his unmarked car, facing north of Pallister at around 10:30 p.m. on Oct. 22, when a vehicle pulled onto the street. The driver turned the car around and turned off the headlights. He said the driver of the vehicle got out in front of a home on the corner of Pallister and Rosedale, pulled a police and fire millage renewal sign from the lawn and “threw it in the grass,” Burnett said.
Burnett said the officer then reported seeing the driver move the vehicle a short block further, pull over again, get out,  pull up a second sign and drop it on the ground. The driver got back in the vehicle and drove south on Pallister, passing the officer. The officer was then able to retrieve the vehicle’s license plate number, the police chief said.
The driver then stopped the vehicle a third time at Pallister and Avalon, according to police, and a third sign was pulled and dropped.
It was then that the officer recognized Stahl, a St. Clair Shores City Councilmember since 2004 and a vocal opponent of the police and fire millage renewal. The officer then approached Stahl, produced his badge and identified himself.
The officer reported that Stahl expressed disinterest in speaking with him, got into her car and drove to her home nearby. The officer followed, and called dispatch for backup in the form of a uniformed officer in a marked patrol car.
Burnett said while the officer spoke over the telephone with the lieutenant in charge at the Police Department, Stahl reportedly began tapping loudly on the officer’s front windshield, expressing her frustration about the situation.
“She was referring to how one of her signs was damaged and asked what we were going to do about that,” Burnett said. “So I don’t know if what she did was retaliation for that.”
Burnett said Stahl’s argumentative behavior became so audible that neighbors came out of their homes to investigate and the officer was forced to ask her to settle down.
A report was eventually filed for the damage to the sign in Stahl’s yard. Stahl reportedly had three signs in her lawn, each expressing opposition to the police and fire millage. 
Stahl, who is not running for re-election, is chairperson of COUNT: Citizens Opposing Unfair Needless Taxes, a coalition formed to oppose the millage renewal and “bring the truth to the residents of St. Clair Shores.”
“I took several illegally placed ‘Yes millage’ signs down,” Stahl admitted last week. “I left them on the lawns of the foreclosed homes who could not have given permission for the sign placement. They were strategically placed there to oppose my signs and Jack’s (Downey) — it is a sight to see — the “dueling” signs.”
Stahl said the officer at the scene did produce his badge and commented that the signs were under surveillance.
“I would expect more from our tax dollars than to be watching over three lawn signs for about five to 10 hours while I was gone,” Stahl said, adding that the officer failed to observe her sign getting destroyed. “What a pathetic use of this man’s time (the plain-clothes officer) and our hard-earned tax dollars.”
read more crazy here

Ha! Two thoughts:
1) Same anti-tax crazy talk, and
2) Hypocrite! She wanted someone else charged with the exact same crime she was committing, but didn't think she should be charged. Hypocrite. Crazy.


  1. Unfortunately, Mr. Howrylak and his ilk work to MAKE SURE people don't understand the issue.

    Disinformation and the Rule of Semantics is par at their course.


  2. She's a city councilwoman in St Clair Shores - she should stay the hell out of Troy business.

  3. She's a FORMER city councilmember there. And how fiscally responsible is she? She wrote on her website that she quit her job to run for Macomb County Commissioner...and lost miserably.

  4. Wow Sharon and your friends are really not interested in any kind of truth are you?

    First of all, get off of your SNOBBISH high horse...I am a TAXPAYER in Troy, so the Troy issues are my business. (I also have many connections to Troy...I worked at Sacs Fifth Ave while attending Lahser High School, I was a volunteer reader for the Recording for the Blind and Dyslexic, student at Walsh College, and now volunteer Treasurer for the LPM.)

    As a taxpayer, YOU take my money and use it as you wish but because I'm not a resident, I don't get to vote. So I use my voice as my vote. I also have all of the FOIA'd Troy Library financial information and have read almost every book in the Troy Library about how to save the library.

    And oddly enough in all of those books, personal attacks, lies, greed, and deception were not any of the suggestions of how to save the fabulous Troy Library--go figure. Perhaps you should crack open one of those books and educate yourself on solutions to the problems and educate yourself on basic government accounting.

    Secondly, remember and rehearse the phrase, "If you stand for nothing you will FALL for everything". In all of our Facebook discussions, you obviously have stood for nothing except lies, deception, greed, and socialism.

    The article you linked to, I stood up against false politically motivated charges brought up on me fighting the garbage politics like those in Troy. If you can get past your ignorance, take a look at the article where the false charges against me were dismissed:

    The signs were illegally placed on my next door neighbor's property, again illegally, by a police officer. Type my name in and you will find the police video tape from the trial that implicates the Police Chief and 2 officers. It was set up to stop the only 2 vocal opponents (my neighbor and myself) regarding a bogus millage---much like the bogus library millage in Troy and the attacks and threats of censure against opponents of the millage.

    Lady, get your facts straight! I have faith that those on this blog and the residents of Troy and Michigan are smart enough NOT to believe your half truths, lies, character attacks, and ignorance any longer.

    God have mercy on your soul. And may He forgive you for your unfounded angry character assassinations on Mr. Howrylak, Mr. Gosslin, and myself who are only trying, with God's strength, to fight the evil within our communities that destroy us all.

  5. Erin wrote: "In all of our Facebook discussions, you obviously have stood for nothing except lies, deception, greed, and socialism."
    Guess I have to respond to this. All I said in those discussions was that if you think there's no difference between a Library Director and a Border's manager then you are not very well informed. -- Lies? Greed? Socialism? Nah!