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Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Actions Speak Louder Than Words

From Sue...

What Mr. Howrylak says vs. what he does:

"I am strongly opposed to creating a new governmental structure."

Mr. Howrylak, along with TCU, backed the Charter Amendment that tied the hands of council to levy millage increases to run a full-service city. Mr. Howrylak, along with the TCU, backs a new petition to AGAIN change our charter. If our governmental structure is so solid, WHY KEEP CHANGING IT??

"I speak as a citizen, not a council member."

He claimed not to speak for anyone but himself. Yet he signs his letters to citizens as "Councilman, City of Troy" and includes his council e-mail.

"People are reading more into my words than is there."

He relies on the Rule of Semantics...saying we'll "pay twice," not "pay double" for a library. When people are confused by that, he says's OUR fault. We misunderstood. Challenge him on any other point, he'll back peddle and avoid. If there is nothing else to read into it, WHY DOES IT KEEP COMING UP?

The new taxing mandate would levy twice what is needed."

He based this argument to the proposed millage on the current budget, which is actually half what it takes to run the library we are used to having. Further, he neglected to take into account other costs the proposed budget would have had to absorb.

Mr. Howrylak, your favorite phrases seem to be "I object" and "I'll be voting against that."

Next November, that's what I'll be saying and doing to you.

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