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Saturday, November 20, 2010

Who copies whose lies?

I just found a website showing a letter from Howrylak in February in which he throws his colleagues and workers under the bus and parades all those lies from the TCU website!
So is he copying off their paper or are they peeping at his?
They'd all be just darling if they weren't trying so desperately hard to destroy this city.
Go here for the truth about these lies.
See for yourself:
Letter from Councilman Martin Howrylak on the Proposed 2/23/10 Tax Increase
FEBRUARY 22, 2010
Dear Neighbor,
I am writing to encourage you to vote NO in the Tuesday, February 23 election. An affirmative vote will increase our operating mill levy by 29%! This nearly $40 million tax increase is unnecessary if the City of Troy properly adjusts its spending to the current situation. This is no different than the tough choices that countless individuals, families and businesses have had to make during this very painful recession.
Don’t be fooled by the scare tactics of draconian cuts. The election is principally about allowing the City’s municipal management to continue running this City in an unsustainable fashion. Instead of rationalizing pay and benefit scales, consistent with what the rest of us have had to deal with, management comes to you, the taxpayers of Troy, begging for a
handout. They threaten us with terms like “Keep Troy Safe”. Are they inferring that they will negate their moral responsibility to provide for the safety of Troy’s citizens? I think not. They simply want to scare you into submission. It is dishonest and it saddens me greatly that they seek to tug on your heartstrings and mine in order to manipulate an outcome.
I offer the following as examples of my frustration:
1) Ignoring fiscal prudence, the Downtown Development Authority spent $2 million to “beautify” a perfectly functioning Big Beaver and Rochester Road intersection.
2) The City took the lead in a project that will toss away over $6 million in your tax dollars for a transit center without any plan for a transit system.
3) The city manager receives more annually ($220,500) than the governor ($177,000)!
4) Benefits packages for staff you and I can only dream of – 10% defined contribution paid by the city with minimal employee contribution and a defined benefit plan which allows many employee groups to retire after 25 years with most of their salary, in addition to extraordinarily generous health benefits.
My position in this fiscal debate has always been about shared sacrifices and honesty in the information flow from city hall to you. Neither of these two are happening now. If nothing else, you need to VOTE NO on Tuesday, February 23 to send a message to city management to stop trying to manipulate you. We are not fools and we deserve better than this!
Please join me in asking the city to tighten its belt and implement recommendations of reorganization and cost rationalization first, by voting NO on February 23, 2010.
Martin Howrylak
Councilman, City of Troy

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