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Friday, November 5, 2010

What's so bad about Mr. Howrylak's offer of 0.50 mills for the library, anyway?

So why did the Citizens to Save the Troy Public Library ask for 0.9885 mills for the library, which would have raised around $4.3 million the first year?

Because they wanted us to have a real library. 

In 2008 Troy library budget was around $4.2 million. In 2009 it was cut to about $3.8 million. This year it is about $2.4 million.

Proposal 1 would have given us a budget similar to the 2008 budget. They reasoned that since Oakland County predicts Troy property values will continue to decrease over the next four years, the library budget would have shrunk every year (and of course that means the taxpayers would actually be paying less each successive year as rates go down). They believed the library would not be sustainable at a lower millage.

Now Councilman Howrylak is coming to the rescue saying he is willing to consider a half-mill (0.50) tax increase to fund the library. How generous. That means another wasteful special election and continued months of fighting.

Part of the reason I wanted Proposal 1 to pass was my dream that all of this fighting and division in Troy might finally come to an end. If it had passed today we would know that we had a secure public library with guaranteed, sufficient funds for 10 years, through 2020. Now what do we have?

My Howrylak and his friends at Troy Citizens United just can't let the struggle end. And they are sure that next November, Mr. Howrylak will be paid back for his fight against the people who love the library with a successful run for mayor.

How does that sound to you?

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