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Tuesday, November 9, 2010

What's the plan, Howrylak?

Best part of the city council meeting last night was when Councilman Dane Slater, who is obviously not yet cowed by the charms of Mr. Howrylak, asked Marty to explain his plan to save the library.
Marty hummed and hawed in his faux professorial tone that, 'I could tell you plans until I'm blue in the face, but blah, blah, blah..." Watch it, here
This should have been the moment when all of Troy gasped en masse that we have been swindled, lied to and cheated by this little fellow who, with his Tea Party/TCU friends, stopped at nothing to kill our inexpensive plan to keep our library for 10 years.
When he finished with his gibberish, the mayor started to move on. She knew that this kind of empty blather on Councilman Howrylak's part was par for the course.
But hallelujah, Slater was having none of it. Slater interrupted the mayor and said, veeeery sarcastically, "That's your PLAN?" Sadly that's when I erupted with a yelp in the audience. I apologize to everyone for that, but it was an involuntary utterance. It is sad indeed how seldom anyone calls silly Marty out on what he does. Slater berated him for telling people to vote against our great plan with not a damn thing to back it up.
It all became obvious last night.
You see, I don't like Mr. Howrylak, but considering the arrogant way he has told the voters in recent weeks that HE has all the answers and HE can do this with a half-mill tax increase (which he had the nerve to deny last night!), I figured he was our last hope.

But since Howrylak denied that he said to reporters he could bring back the library with a small tax increase and he denied that he said the voters would have to vote on it, I guess that means his plan has turned to vapor.

And as for the Free Press article I quoted in my comments, and to which Howrylak shook his head vigorously at me to deny, well, I guess that darned reporter must have made this up:
Howrylak said he hopes council will revisit budget cuts to support the library – and isn’t adverse to a new, half-mill proposal to help pay for it.
“It still needs, I think from a policy perspective, to be put to a vote of the people to get that support, to temper down the environment a little bit,” he said.
Mr. Howrylak just sits there with his self-satisfied grin, thinking he did this city some good.
I say that those of us who haven't forgotten about the library should make this our rallying cry:

What's the plan, Howrylak?


  1. It is a sad day when a man who encouraged his city to vote against its library is cheered, isn't it?

  2. I'd like to know who the man behind the curtain is....