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Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Vote YES for the library YES on Proposal 1

Today all of us who have worked so tirelessly to save our library can do nothing but cast our votes and wait for the results.
We are hoping that we have your support.
Out library is scheduled to close on June 30, 2011. Proposal 1 will stop that from happening by setting up an Independent Public Library to replace our Troy City Department Public Library. Both libraries belong to the people.
Although Councilman Howrylak claimed this new library would have to get all new things, most council people have intimated that if the will of the people is to keep the library, they will do what we ask of them. From yesterday's Detroit Free Press:
Beltramini negated Howrylak's contention in his letter that a new library board would have to pay for a new building and books, contending those things could be donated by the city.
Mayor Pro Tem Wade Fleming, who also followed Howrylak to the Community Center meeting, said he's against Proposal 1 but wanted to hear from residents.
"Whatever the voters decide tomorrow -- and I can't wait for Wednesday to come -- if it's yes, I'll work with the council on the transition," he said. "But if it's no, I'll do what I can to fund the library going forward."
The vote no folks have raised just $3,700, mostly from four members of their own leadership.
Yes voters have shown their endorsements by giving over $18,000 to our cause. That's small and big businesses and people giving anywhere from $10 to $200.
Do we follow the Friends of the Troy Public library and vote yes? Or do we follow political operatives who would play complex political dirty tricks on all of us, simply to insure the closure of our library?
The answer seems simple to me.
Please vote yes on Proposal 1 today, and no on the proposals put on the ballot by political operatives trying to confuse the people.
Please vote yes.

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