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Sunday, November 14, 2010

The Very Epitome of Irony

Troy Citizens United and other like-minded foes of our recent ballot measure seeking to fund the Troy Public Library would have you believe they know what is best for you. They claim to act in the best interest of the wallets of the residents of Troy. They fervently believe they are the guardians of our tax dollars. For them, Proposal 1 threatened their very quality of life by demanding more of our hard-earned money be fed to an already greedy governmental entity.

In reality, Proposal 1 was simply brought about as a citizen response to the failed millage vote in February. It was a CITIZEN INITIATIVE, NOT the so-called greedy government demanding more from us. It was the PEOPLE taking back the library and saving it from future shenanigans with the city budget battle. Heartbreakingly, it failed. Anyone who has been in Troy longer than a few years can share my disbelief at that news. We have long supported school bonds and millages and city millage increases, and we have been rewarded with stellar city services, award winning schools, and a fabulous place in which to raise a family.

Unfortunately, groups like Troy Citizens Unite and other residents seek to undermine that. They want the city government to fund everything we’ve always enjoyed in a reduced economy. They want the city government to preserve our quality of living exactly as it’s been, no matter that there has been and will be for the foreseeable future far less money with which to do it.

Wait. Who is it, again, that they want in charge of funding the Troy Public Library?

They want the city government that they continue to rail at for their backwards thinking and acting.
They want the city government that they hope to see out of office ASAP, even suggesting a recall to make it happen sooner.
They want the city government they have accused of being incompetent from one end of Troy to the other, foolishly spending our tax dollars on so-called wasteful projects.
They want the city government they imply artificially devalued our SEV’s in an attempt to force us to pass the February millage.
They want the city government they accuse of padding their wallets and portfolios with “Cadillac” benefits.
They want the city government that they spy on in their neighborhoods, taking note of every false move they make out of their driveways, counting the number of political signs in their yards, and for whom they make up disparaging names.

This is who they want in charge of our tax dollars. This who they want to see save the Troy Public Library…the very people they feel have so incompetently gotten us where we are today.

Do you find that as ironic as I do? I am unable to fathom that their whole plan to save the TPL was built on asking the current city government to continue to manage their precious tax dollars. Their fabulous citizen initiative resulted in a petition asking the city to do what it already had (review the budget) and seeks to keep the people they despise in charge of a resource they say they value.

The Friends of the TPL and Citizens to Save the TPL had an answer that put the people in charge of the library for at least 10 years. They did the thoughtful, careful and truthful research on how independent libraries run, working on a successful plan much like we see in SEVERAL of our neighboring cities. THEY HAD A PLAN to save the library. THEY HAD A PLAN that would have worked. THEY HAD A PLAN that took the library out of peril and put it in the HANDS OF THE PEOPLE.

The TCU and others want to pretend they had a citizen initiative out of one side of their mouths...and then seek to squash it out of the other. They rail against evil government...and then beg for the same to take care of them. I don't know about you, but I see hypocrisy in that. And so far, the only plan I can see from this group is to waste taxpayer time and money with a petition that means nothing, forces the city government to do nothing and gives us nothing at all like the library we know and love.

Is that who you want steering the decisions of our city?

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