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Friday, November 12, 2010

Tough Decisions??

TCU supporters keep railing on about "the tough decisions" they think the city should make in reworking the budget to save the library with no new taxes.

Beyond cutting the so-called inflated salaries (which I cannot legitimately call that because I've done the research; they align with national averages for comparable experience and work load) and the so-called "Cadillac" benefit packages...exactly WHAT is it they are looking for the city to cut? Do they recognize what that means? How much more of our city service 'menu' are they expecting or willing to give up?

The city MIGHT reap a few hundred grand on some salary concessions...MAYBE...just guessing here. They could do away with car allowances and cell phone allowance and any other lesser non-contracted perk they may support for employees. I don't even know what that might include, honestly...I'd have to see the full list of what is paid for each employee. But I think it's moot anyway.

To really make some "tough decisions" that would impact the budget enough, you'd see things like the following:

Police officers let go.
The fire department decimated.
Loss of the current garbage pick-up schedule, snow removal or public works maintenance and service to our infrastructure.
Hours at all city run businesses/offices cut and work done by fewer people....thus longer wait times for permits, inspections, etc.
Parks and Rec would have to ramp down or close...sorry, kids, no fun for you.
Library is already is gone...pool likely would go.
Parks would have to be closed.
Roads would fall into further disrepair.

After all that, what's left in Troy worth supporting???

Even Mr. Howrylak concedes that we will need a millage under any plan -- not HIS plan, of course, because he doesn't have one. But any future prosperity in Troy requires the one thing ANY city needs to run well: TAX REVENUE.

People, you cannot have your city and stomp on it, too.

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