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Friday, November 12, 2010

Tea Party takes pride in library defeat

From an article in the Detroit News on the growing strength of the Tea Party in Michigan:
In Troy, a library millage was defeated with the help of tea party sympathizers.
"The 'vote yes' people outspent the anti-tax 'no' people by 6-to-1, or even 8-to-1," said Glenn Clark, founder of the Oakland County Tea Party. "It was a grassroots victory of anti-tax people who went door to door. The 'no' vote success wouldn't have happened without that tea party spike."
It also wouldn't have happened without Martin Howrylak's deceitful letter to citizens, Ed Kempen's bait-and-switch Mandate to Nowhere, the 3 fake proposals, and all the downright lies spread by TCU in their 4-page mailer.
Yes, indeed. Hooray for Troy Citizens United/Troy Tea Party...

Read more here. 

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