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Sunday, November 21, 2010

TCU's glorious leader tells Republicans how they MUST speak

In her odd, semi-coherent diatribe against moderate Republicans in the 11/3/2010 Oakland Press, Troy Citizens United/Troy Tea Party leader Janice Daniels tells people how to think and how to speak--while wrapping herself in the Constitution!
Ah, irony...
In case you don't know her, she's the one always holding up Howrylak for Mayor signs or lying/babbling incoherently at the city council meeting microphone.

With election over, let’s bring back wayward Republicans

Really? And how do the people benefit from the state? By allowing our elected officials to lie in order kill a citizen-initiated ballot proposal? Ha!
My personal favorite part is here, because at least I know she is against slavery:

It is with this focus that I look at the Grand Old Party and their past legacy of defending free men, free markets and private ownership of land. If you look back to the Republican Platform of 1856, you will read a concise, well defined plan of specific actions designed to defend such things as the citizenry’s right to bear arms, clear opposition to slavery, and the right to free speech.
This is sound doctrine. There is no good reason why the Republican Party should have allowed the party faithfuls (or unfaithfuls as the case may be) to transform themselves into virtual shadow dancers of the opposition party’s big government players. 

She ends the piece with this demand:

So, RINOs must chant: “I will use the phrases American Republicanism, liberty, freedom and Representative Republicanism in place of the word democracy for the rest of my life.” That is Step One in the new RR recovery plan.
Janice L. Daniels is co-founder of the Troy Area Tea Party.

FYI, the standard definition: Republican In Name Only, or RINO, refers to a member of the Republican Party of the United States (the GOP) whose political views or actions are perceived as insufficiently conservative or otherwise outside the party mainstream. 


  1. Daniels fights for freedom of speech, while banning people from posting on the Troy Citizens Facebook page.

    Daniels attacks RINOs, while forgetting that many who are a part of the Tea Party are Independents.

    Daniels and the TCU are a black stain on the Republican Party, as well as the Tea Party. They are an embarrassment!

    The citizens of Troy need to take back our City.

  2. This makes you wonder, too...
    Is she saying that moderate Republicans are pro-slavery???