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Friday, November 19, 2010

TCU Lies still on their website

The key Troy Citizens United tactic is to lie and lie long after the lies have been dis-proven, in order to exhaust the truth tellers--and trust me, I'm exhausted!
Here are dis-proven lies still on their website:

          TCU LIE - "Why does the City spend $2.5 million breaking up the Rochester/Big Beaver intersection and adding a fountain while it kills our library?" 
          FACT - The DDA spent that money, not the city. That money comes mostly from businesses and the county. -- IRRELEVANT

          TCU LIE - "Why does the City spend more than $100,000 for a Library drop box and canopy – which it never had before – if it is threatening to close the library?" 
          FACT - Go to the library. Is there a canopy? NO. Is there a drive-thru drop box? NO. The money was moved back into the general fund long ago.-- IRRELEVANT

TCU LIE - Why does the City have one of the highest if not the highest paid top administrator in Michigan – over $220,000 including currently paid pension?
          FACT - That is not his salary, so TCU should stop claiming he "makes more than the governor," etc., etc. The people think this means that's the guy's base salary. See Sue's brilliant post for an explanation. -- The truth is more complex than a lie.

TCU LIE - If the County of Oakland is committed to balancing its budget without a millage increase, why can’t Troy do the same? Does this indicate bad management on the part of the Council and City Manager?
          FACT - No, fools! The council is committed to balancing the frickin' budget, which is why they had to close the library. Pay attention!

TCU LIE - Why not use reserves for unnecessary and undesignated items like the $2 million for Trails, the $1.75 million for City Hall grounds, the 700K for non specified Park Development? 
          FACT - These items have ALREADY been rolled back into the general fund. 
Go to the summary of the current three-year budget here and read on page 3:
Please know that this budget document utilizes
all of the approximately $3.8 million that was
reserved in non-essential Capital projects in
order to delay lay-offs in the public safety area.
This incorporates the trail system reserve of $2
million, park development reserve of $0.7
million and Civic Center reserve of $1.1 million.
I don't understand how the TCU can criticize the budget when they have not read it!?!?!?

If you've ever been to a city council meeting, you will see that the Troy Citizens United (TCU) folks stand up again and again telling these lies. Then they prance out of the chambers before the city explains their misinformation. 
Do they know how misinformed they are? Is that the plot of their political operative gurus, like Glenn Clark and Bob Gosselin?
I really want to know--Are they wicked or just stupid?

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  1. Why make us choose? It's quite clear that they're both wicked AND stupid.